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Surprise Packages

One of our "Family Members" sent me a message back in March, asking if I thought an item her daughter had found might be something of interest at the Dream Team Project Charity Auction. Her daughter is a Walt Disney World Cast Member, and while cleaning out her office she came across something she had put away. It’s an item that only the Press would have received, so she asked her mom to check first "to see if this is something that might fetch some money at the auction." 

I told "mom" that yes, it sounded very cool, and if the "Disney Geek" in me was interested, I was sure that it would be very exciting to the even bigger Disney Geeks at MagicMeets.

She promised to pass along the shipping address for donations to her daughter, with our thanks. And after that, it went into the back of my mind with all the other bits and pieces of auction planning that are keeping my days quite busy.

Last week, a box arrived. Even from a distance it was intriguing, as it wasn’t a plain-old cardboard looking box. Then my excitement really grew when I saw the Walt Disney Parks & Resorts envelope carefully taped to the front.






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100 Days to MagicMeets and The Dream Team Project Charity Auction!

I have a love/hate relationship with countdown tickers.

I love watching them tick closer and closer to the next trip to Walt Disney World or other special event.

I get so sad seeing them read 00 days 00 hours 00 minutes until…. after I get back.

I love when I haven’t really looked at a ticker for a few days and it is much smaller than I expected it to be.

And then there are the days when I look at the ticker and go “IT CAN’T BE THAT CLOSE!!!!”

That was today, looking at my countdown to MagicMeets: 100 days, some odd hours and minutes until Saturday, July 19th.

“100 DAYS!!!”

Sounds like a long time, unless you’re the one planning the auction, or, in Fred Block’s case, the entire event. I bet his heart had that extra little twitter today, too.


So what is going on in Auction Central, also known as my basement, 100 days prior to the big event?

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