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Best Travel Podcast AWARD WINNER - 9 Consecutive Years


These are the best of the best, and then some more of the best.  Join Lou and Tim Foster as they take a look at the Top Ten (-ish) of many different categories around Walt Disney World.

Are You a New Listener? Please go back and check out some (or all) of the past episodes for interviews, Top Tens, reviews, and more!

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Carl3414United States
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5 STARS IS NOT ENOUGH!! - Five stars are simply not enough to rate and review this tremendously positive, engaging, and uplifting podcast. Few superlatives are left to describe Lou and the community that he has created with WDW Radio. How can a podcast become more than just a podcast? When the host and creator invites the community of listeners to engage in the conversation. It happens when a uniquely talented, knowledgeable, and KIND person like Lou ignites a conversation with fellow like-minded people around a topic that they love.... Disney. There is no equal when it comes to Disney podcasts in the way that WDW Radio enterains, informs, and very often, inspires. I truly could not recommend this show enough to anyone seeking Disney fun, positive energy, and a sense of belonging to something bigger than just a podcast. Five stars may be the limit, but you'll soon find that the show and the host deserve so many more. Ps. And Lou, thanks for being a friend, whether we've met yet or not.
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Fantastic Podcast! - Been listening for years! One of my favourite podcasts. I love Lou’s positive energy and lack of cynicism. He’s 100% sincere in his enthusiasm and love for all things Disney. As so-called adults, we can sometimes feel embarrassed about our Disney “enthusiasm”, but Lou’s podcast provides a welcome outlet where it’s all ok. As a “reformed lawyer”, it's also nice that Lou doesn’t take himself too seriously. Thanks Lou!!
Nicole Jatzke
Nicole JatzkeUnited States
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Best Disney Podcast! - This is the best Disney podcast out there! Lou’s enthusiasm, excitement, and overall positive attitude are infectious and you can’t help but be in an amazing mood while listening. If I’m ever having a bad day all I have to do is listen to an episode of the WDW Radio Show and my mood instantly improves. Lou’s knowledge and love of Disney is second to none and I’m forever grateful for finding this podcast. Thank you Lou for all you do!
DisneyMissy United States
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The original and best - Lou taught the world what a well made, kind, well researched, enjoyable, positive Disney focused podcast was and he’s been making them for years. I started listening to him when my daughter was an infant. She’s in high school now. If you listen to only one Disney podcast listen to wdw radio. Lou puts out an awesome show and positivity to the universe at the same time.
CmcLushSSA United States
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Join the WDW Radio Family! - As a form of entertainment, the WDW Radio Show offers incredible variety with its interviews, top ten lists, live restaurant reviews, history, listener emails, and more. However, the WDW Radio Show and its host, Lou Mongello, offer more than just entertainment. They offer community. They offer inspiration. They offer a home to those who may feel like they don’t belong anywhere else. As of this week, I have officially listened to every episode and I want to thank Lou and the entire WDW Radio family for accompanying me on many long rides to and from auditions, bringing me joy on the days that feel dark, for inspiring me to join the WDW Radio Run Team for my first half-marathon, and for encouraging me each week to “do what I love” and “have my best week ever!” You have no idea what a joy it is for me to be part of The Clubhouse!