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Tag: Ask Lou

Ask Lou – “EPCOT Computer Central”

Want to Ask Lou a trivia question, get information about extinct attractions, secrets, details of Walt Disney World and more? Send and email or just come on by , as Lou will try and share some WDW trivia, history, and call your attenion attention to the many details that truly make the magic happen.

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Breathless at Walt Disney World

Breathless. What’s the first thing that you think of when you read that? What do you think I’m possibly talking about?

Is it the feeling you get the first time you see Cinderella Castle? Is it your daughter’s reaction when Cinderella gives her a kiss at breakfast? The view of Wishes from the observation deck of the Contemporary? You when you get home from WDW and look at your credit card bill?

Well, while all of these are likely possible, it’s not what I mean.

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