/ Friday, September 21st, 2007
  • According to legend, Typhoon Lagoon was created when a massive storm struck the luxurious (and fictitious) Placid Palms Resort. As fate would have it, though, nature transformed the resort into one of the greatest water parks in the world, complete with an assortment of waterfalls, rapids, pools, and slides.
  • Stranded atop Mount Mayday in Typhoon Lagoon is the Miss Tilly, a shrimp boat out of Safen Sound, FL that was caught in the fictitious "great storm" that formed the unique water park. Every half hour, the ship’s foghorn sounds and her smokestack erupts, shooting a 50-foot flume of water into the air.
  • If you’re between the ages of two and five years old, and want to enjoy one of the Walt Disney World Resort’s best water parks, than the "Ketchakiddie Creek" at Typhoon Lagoon is for you! Here, you’ll find pint-sized slides, geysers, and fountains for you and your parents (which you have to bring along with you) to enjoy!
  • The centerpiece of Typhoon Lagoon is the 100-foot tall Mt. Mayday, which is surrounded by a 2.75-million-gallon wave pool.
  • Originally called "Splash" in preliminary designs, Typhoon Lagoon is four times larger than River Country, and opened on June 1, 1989.