by Jonah H.

‘Sup bloggers, Jonah H. here. First off, congrats to Makena for correctly answering my trivia question. There are no blocks in Cinderella Castle. It’s made out of fiberglass and steel!

For my blog today, I’m going to begin a series of reviews for The Kingdom Keepers books. These are awesome books for kids who love Disney.

Five kids, Four park, One mission…

Author Ridley Pearson has written a series of books about teens who have a hologram adventure in the Disney Parks. Disney’s villains are plotting to take over the parks. Maleficent, from Sleeping Beauty, is a leader of the villains, known as the Overtakers. Disney’s Imagineers devise a plan to combat the Overtakers with holograms known as DHI’s – Disney Host Interactive / Daylight Hologram Imaging. Five teens were selected to model as the DHI’s. To park Guests, these holograms serve as guides. But an old Imagineer named Wayne, who used to work with Walt, knows much more.

The first book is Kingdom Keepers: Disney After Dark. At night the five teens “cross over” into the Magic Kingdom as their holograms and see that the villains are plotting to take over the park. Wayne tells them they have to solve the riddle of the Stonecutters Quill fable to defeat the Overtakers. They have many adventurous nights in the park and have to escape from the villains on different rides, while they are searching for clues. The five teens are led by Finn, and have two other girls, Amanda and Jez, they meet at school, as friends. But these girls don’t seem to be totally trustworthy at all times. When they are not in the parks, they meet online in the Virtual Magic Kingdom (VMK) website. In the end, the five DHI’s and the two girls help Wayne capture Maleficent. It’s a fun book to read and I couldn’t put it down!

In Kingdom Keepers II: Disney at Dawn, one of the DHI’s friends Jess is missing (she used to be known as Jez but that was when she was under Maleficent’s spell, which has now been broken). The five Kingdom Keepers find out that there is a second DHI server cloned by the Overtakers. The server is used to manipulate the DHI’s in the parks. The Overtakers want their own server, to control the DHI’s and make their own army of DHI’s. They soon realize that Jess is not the only one that is being held captive in Disney’s Animal Kingdom (DAK) – CHERNABOG!! The Kingdom Keepers must find Jess and destroy the second server, and Chernabog along with it.

The Kingdom Keepers learn something new about Jess and her sister Amanda. They are fairlies; fairly human, and fairly fairie. They have magical powers that help the Kingdom Keepers, such as levitate things and move things without even touching them. Wayne isn’t around to help them and has gone into hiding, so the five Kingdom Keepers must work without him. All the action takes place at DAK. The teens are able to destroy the second server, but Chernabog escapes along with Maleficent. The Kingdom Keepers will live to fight them another day

Here’s my new trivia question: In the movie Fantasia, how was Chernabog defeated?”

Editor’s note: Stay tuned for Jonah’s next piece, reviewing books 3 & 4, as  we prepare for the release of Kingdom Keepers 5 in April!!

Jonah lives in Virginia, and considers himself the biggest Disney “maniac” in his family.  He has been going to Walt Disney World since he was 8 months old, and he still loves it to this day.  He is 10 years old and in 5th grade.



13 thoughts on “WDW Radio Kids & Teens Day: Kingdom Keepers 1 & 2–RECAP!”

  1. Elizabeth Freidberg says:

    What great reviews, Jonah! I can’t wait to get started reading The Kingdom Keepers series; the stories sound intriguing. (And I totally want to find out more about fairlies. Is there a way to become one or do you have to be born one?) Keep up the good work!

  2. Pam says:

    What ages are appropriate for these books? Nice review BTW

  3. Lucas says:

    Doesn’t Chernabog stop his plans after the sun comes up? I’m thinking there might be something to do with that bell I heard, but that might just be a sound affect they put in.

  4. Liz Saunders says:

    Jonah, your book review was excellent. Your great, in- depth, literary critique of these books make them a “must read” for almost any age group. In fact, I think I will get a copy of the first book, “Kingdom Keepers: Disney After Dark” and begin reading it.

    Great Blog!

  5. Liz Saunders says:

    Jonah, Your great, in- depth, literary critique of these books make them a “must read” for almost any age group. Do you have a copy of the first book, “Kingdom Keepers: Disney After Dark” I can borrow?

    Great Blog!

  6. Dabney says:

    I remember those books! They were great!!! I think I got Disney After Dark in a book order 🙂

  7. Patty Miller says:

    Are you sure that you are only 10 years old? You write like a seasoned veteran. Love your writing.

  8. Jezebel says:

    Best. Books. EVER! Good for a Disney fan of any age, and Tween to young adult otherwise. And in Fantasia Chernabog is defeated by the sun.

  9. mr. re says:

    another fine job Mr. J – we need to have you on the news show at school.

  10. Connie Burgess says:

    Wow Jonah, I am super impressed with your writing. I am happy to say that I know you and when you are famous one day, maybe you will say hi to me 🙂

  11. Taiki says:

    I just finished reading Kingdom keepers 3 which is the only book I read in the Kingdom keepers.I would like to read rest of them as well.I also felt the same thing as you and love your comment!

  12. NaNa says:

    GREAT blog. You are introducing us to books with which we are not familiar. Keep up the good work.

  13. jonah H. says:

    Thanks everyone for reading and Mr. Re I would love it. P.S. fairlies need to be born that way and they look like humans.