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This week we’ll head outside the parks to visit Typhoon Lagoon, a place which, like the parks, is replete with long history, in-depth backstory, wonderful details, and of course, plenty of fun attractions for the whole family. We’ll explore everything from its origins to its connection to Pleasure Island, and tip on  how to get the most out of your day at my favorite Walt Disney World water park!

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Sit back, relax, and enjoy this week’s episode of the WDW Radio show. Thanks for listening! Be sure to tune in next week!

– Lou Mongello

QUESTION for YOU from this week’s show: Who is YOUR favorite Walt Disney World water park? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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4 thoughts on “WDW Radio Show #405 – Typhoon Lagoon: History, Story, Tips and More!”

  1. Bryan says:

    This is last week’s show Lou

  2. Craig says:

    I have to admit I’m not a huge water park guy, but I do enjoy Blizzard Beach simply because of the unique theming. Always a nice little surprise after experiencing Florida humidity in July. The water always feels subconsciously that much colder when surrounded by all that ‘snow’.

  3. Paul says:

    I love the water parks at Disney they are themed so good. I personally think they are the best water parks in the world they surely win hands down.
    Its just so nice to have a few days to relax and cool off between visiting Disney’s main parks.
    Its hard to pick which is best as they are both excellent but so different. Typhoon has a lush, tropical feel with a fantastic wave pool and snorkeling and Blizzard has the thrill slides fun and i love the unique snow theming its so COOL!!
    I suppose if i had to choose one Blizzard beach would win.
    Wish i went to river country before it closed.
    Thanks Lou for posting enjoyed listening.

  4. Chuck Zitta says:

    Oooh. I’d like to see that! Lemons out of lemonade. LOL!

    OK, we’ve never done the water parks. (Bow head in shame). We always seemed to have other priorities on our visits. Even 9 and 10 day visits. Just so much you can do. Probably could spend a full 2 weeks there and still not scratch the surface. LOL! I’ve only seen the water parks in passing and on the Disney Vacation Planning Videos. So, based on that, I would say Typhoon Lagoon would be my water park of choice. You’d probably find me enjoying the lazy river attraction. My kind of day at a water park. We used to go to several water parks up here in Michigan when the boys were younger, but those days have passed. Anyway, I still enjoy hearing the “details” of anything related to the parks :0)

    Thanks again for another wonderful DSI show, Lou and Ryan!!!