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Our Homes WENT Disney – A New Blog Series AND Contest!

Have you ever walked through a Disney park, wondering how you can incorporate the Disney magic into your home? Have you ever longed to preserve the wonderful feeling of being at Disney even when you are back in the day-to-day routine?  Such thoughts were no doubt the inspiration behind the new  Home and Garden Television show called  “My Yard Goes Disney.” The show features lucky families who are chosen to have a team of Disney Imagineers come in and transform their backwards into a magical Disney-inspired experience.  If you are anything like me, you have watched the show thinking, “Wow–how cool!  How do I get on that show?!?”

The truth is though, I bet many of you have already have made your homes “Go Disney.”   Maybe it is with a Mickey topiary in your front yard or a Pooh Bear mural in the baby’s nursery….  Or maybe you have Disney drawer pulls in your kitchen (like me–28 in all) or have hundreds of snowglobes on display.   Whatever your way of “Going Disney”, we want to celebrate it in this new blog series and contest!

Each month, we will announce a new room or decoration type.  We might ask how your Halloween decorations reflect Disney.  Or perhaps we will ask how your family room demonstrates your love of the Disney parks.  We might even look for the most unique way to display Disney memorabilia.  Regardless of the theme, the spirit of the contest is to demonstrate our love for Disney and share great ideas for incorporating that love into our homes!  Maybe it will help to make that time in between Disney trips go just a little faster!

For this first month, we are going to honor the inspiration behind this blog and ask you to share how YOUR yard has “Gone Disney.” Do you have a Tinkerbell-themed butterfly garden?  Perhaps you have a set of Mickey garden gnomes–or even some hidden Mickeys?  Is your garden inspired by those at the UK pavilion in EPCOT?  Have you brought home materials from the Flower and Garden show and incorporated them into your outdoors?  We want to see how you did it!  We will put these pictures onto the blog and then ask our readers to vote on which family did the most magical job of “going Disney.”  Winning families will receive a WDW Radio prize package.

Please send your pictures (no more than 3), along with a written description (and any hints for someone who wants to replicate your ideas!) to Christy@WDWRadio.com  We will take submissions until July 14.  On July 15, we will begin one week of voting.  On July 23, we will announce our first winner as well as our next room/theme.

So have fun and enjoy! We can’t wait to see all your wonderful ideas for making YOUR yard GO DISNEY!!