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WDW Radio Disney Book Club, Spinning Disney’s World: WEEK 3

This week’s reading of Charlie Ridgway’s Spinning Disney’s World takes us through the twin turning points in Disney Park history: the decision to build Walt Disney World as well as the death of Walt Disney.  For someone working with the press and publicity, both events presented enormous challenges and opportunities.  Please join us in discussing the discussion questions below!

1. Mr. Ridgway discusses Disneyland’s “Tencennial,” marking its tenth anniversary in 1965.  Disney has hosted a number of anniversary celebrations, for both Disneyland and Walt Disney World.  Which has been the most memorable to you?

2. Mr. Ridgway recounts the newspaper rumors over the news of the “Florida Project.”  If you had the power to build a new Disney park anywhere, what location would you pick and why?

3. Mr. Ridgway talks about his friendships with many legendary Disney figures, including Ub Iwerks, Dick Nunis, Marc Davis, Eddie Meck, and Buddy Ebsen. If you could, which of these people would you love to have lunch with?

4.  The death of Walt Disney was clearly a dark time for Charlie Ridgway.  If you had been in charge of public relations at the time, how would you answer this press question, “What is the legacy of Walt Disney?”

5. If you had been Charlie Ridgway in those first months of living in Florida, what would have been your fears for the future? What would have been your hopes?

Please post your thoughts–as well as other questions to discuss–in the comments section below.  Watch later this week for our poll regarding the next WDW Radio book club selection!!