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The Disney College Program: Why Does One Apply?

Please welcome to the blog Chandler Witzigreuter.  Chandler is a 19 year old from Fort Wayne, IN, who has been obsessed with all things Disney ever since she was very young. She is now going to participate in the Disney College Program Spring Advantage Session starting in February.

Ever since I was four or five and my parents took me to Walt Disney World, I knew I was going to there. I can vividly remember walking down Main Street U.S.A. and seeing Cinderella’s Castle, which was all dressed up as a birthday cake for the 25th anniversary; and even as a little kid, I thought to myself, “Wow, I want to do that, I want to make impossible things possible and make people happy!” As the years have gone on, my yearning to work for Disney grew. When I was a sophomore or junior in high school, I was researching Walt Disney World internships and I found the Disney CareerStart Program. The CareerStart Program was a program for students right out of high school, or students who were not currently enrolled in college. I was like, “Awesome! I can start as soon as I get out of high school, this is great!” Unfortunately, when I was able to apply, they weren’t accepted applications. I was heartbroken when I saw that, but then I saw that there was another program that I could do, The Disney College Program! My parents and I watched the e-presentation on the website, and I instantly wanted to do the program!

The Disney College Program seemed like an amazing experience, and I had my heart set on applying. I was excited just thinking about living on my own, meeting new people, taking classes, and working for “The Happiest Place on Earth!” I was hoping to get accepted, because I knew that this would be a great stepping stone to working full-time for the company.

Over my family trip/graduation present to Walt Disney World, I met a lot of people participating in College Program. They all said the same thing, it’s one of the best opportunities ever, and that they love participating in the program. They also told me that because of the program, they have grown up a lot and became more responsible. They also learned how to manage their time better among work, classes, and a social life, which I need to learn how to do. Then I also talked to some other people about the program, and they said that if you want to work for the company, or in Walt Disney World, the College Program is the easiest and best way to join the company in the future. By hearing actual College Program Cast Members tell me about their experience, I knew for sure that I was going to apply.

After my trip, I found a quote by Walt Disney shortly after my visit to Walt Disney World, and I thought that it summed up what I wanted to do, it was “A person should set his (or her) goals as early as he (or she) can and devote all his (or her) energy and talent to getting there.” After reading that I knew that I had to apply, and that this was what I was supposed to do!

Have a Magical Day,


You can follow my journeys through the Disney College Program here, or on my Tumblr: chandlerswdwcpadventures.tumblr.com