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WDW Radio Ultimate Trivia Contest! Win a 6-Day Walt Disney World Vacation!

Happy FIFTH Anniversary, Box People!

To celebrate this happy occasion–and to test your WDW Radio knowledge, we have developed this Ultimate Trivia Contest for you.  A wonderful prize, supplied by our friends at Mouse Fan Travel, awaits one lucky winner!!

Review the questions and email your answers by [10:00] PM EDT Saturday February 4 to contest@wdwradio.com.  Your answers MUST BE numbered and IN ORDER.  Please DO NOT write in complete sentences—just record the answer next to the appropriate number.

Be sure to include your full name and a phone number where you can be reached on Saturday February 11, in the event you are the winner.

All completed entries will be scored.  Those entries with the most answers correct will be placed into a random drawing to win a 6-day Walt Disney World Moderate Resort & Park Hopper Ticket package WITH DINING in value or regular season.*

The winners will be announced during the February 11 anniversary celebration.

Have fun and good luck!

The Box

1. What event marked the “birth” of The Box, and also, therefore, the Box People?

2. When Lou’s Internet failed at home one evening in 2011, what caffeinated location did he use to broadcast the weekly newscast?

3. Where HASN’T The Box been “on location?”  A) A’ulani   B) Lou’s Car   C) Disney’s Vero Beach   D) Disney’s Beach Club

4. What “skin” (sticker) can be found on the outside of The Box?

5. How many finalists were there for the WDW Radio Box People Logo contest?

The Shows

6. How long was the first episode of the WDW Radio Show?

7. According to Show #1, what was going to be a NEW segment Lou planned to introduce on the show?

8. In the Peter and the Starcatchers series, which of the two authors (Ridley Pearson or Dave Barry) is responsible for writing the character Tink?

9. Which of the following topics has NOT been the topic of a Top Ten segment?  A) Smells in WDW  B) Most Sentimental Locations   C) Best Special Effects  D) Best Parade Floats

10. What sound does Lou use to end his podcasts?

11. Who was the first guest to join Lou on the show?

12. According to show #100, who created the WDW Radio show logo?

13. Which of the following Disney personalities has Lou NOT interviewed on the show?  A) Julie Andrews  B) Charles Ridgway   c) Diane Disney Miller   D) Richard Sherman

14. Who gave voice to Cousin Orville in the Carousel of Progress?

15. Which of the following was NOT the subject of a DSI: Disney Scene Investigation?  A) Peter Pan’s Flight  B) Ye Olde Christmas Shoppe  C) 50’s Prime Time Cafe  D) Main Street USA

16. What was the date of the show when Beci Mahnken first was a guest?

17. Who is the founder of the official Disney Parks blog?

18. What was the 7th “Wonder of Walt Disney World,” according to the WDW Radio Show?

19. According to an early show segment, “Walt Disney World That Never Was,” who was the Grand Marshall of the Magic Kingdom 20th Anniversary parade in 1991?

20. During his live dining review of Todd English’s bluezoo, what did Lou, Glenn, and Scott order as their appetizer?

21. Which Imagineer did Lou first interview in a segment entitled, “How to be an Imagineer?”

22. In their Top Ten Queues segment, Tim Foster discusses some queues that he defines as the best “All About the Mood Queues.”  Which attraction’s queue did he describe first as a queue that is “all about the mood”?

23. What daily ceremony did show guest Staff Sergeant Mitch Brannen suggest visitors to Walt Disney World should enjoy?

24. What “new project” was announced on the July 20, 2008 show?

25.  Finish the line from the Little Orange Bird song by Anita Bryant: “Little Orange Bird/In the Sunshine Tree/Won’t You Sing _______  _______  _______  _______  _______?


26. According to Steven Miller of Disney Theme Park Merchandise, how many destination disks can be put into the Starspeeder 1000 Playset?

27. According to Charlie Ridgway, when did Disney really begin to make use of satellite transmissions for media events?

28. At the Kingdom Keepers IV book signing, what time did the first person in line arrive at Once Upon a Toy to have his book autographed by author Ridley Pearson?

29. What did Lou dress as for Halloween 2011?

30. During his haircut at the Harmony Barber Shop on Main Street, where did Lou have a Mickey Mouse sticker?

The Blogs

31. What was the first book chosen by the WDW Radio Disney Book Club?

32. Which Disney character was featured in the July 2011 Walt Disney World caption contest on the blog?

33. What is the concept of the WDW Radio Exchange posts?

34. When was the first WDW NewsCast?

35. When was D23 first announced?

36. What was the first recipe featured on the “Cooking Up Some Magic” blog?

37. Who was the first spouse featured in the “Surviving the Disney Addicted Spouse” series?

38. Of the “In Japan, For Japan” auction items, which raised the most for charity?

39. How many entries were there in the “My Jack O’Lantern (Pumpkin) Went Disney” contest?

40. Who is the author of the WDW Radio NewsWire blog series, which examines recent news in Walt Disney World?

Special Events

41. When was the first WDW Radio Cruise?

42. Besides the NEXT cruise, what OTHER special event did Lou announce on the first WDW Radio cruise?

43. What did Lou recently announce that the WDW Radio Running Team will do during the January 2013 marathon weekend?

44.  What is the name of the event Lou hosts during the Food & Wine Festival where listeners join him for a trip around the World Showcase to sample the different food kiosks?

45. With whom did Lou share a booth at both D23 Expos?

*Prize includes one standard room at a moderate resort, park tickets and the standard dining plan for up to four guests, valid for redemption most nights during the 2012 Value and Regular Seasons, based on availability. Recipient must be over 18 years of age and a resident of the USA.  Transportation to the Orlando area and other costs related to the trip is the sole responsibility of the winner. The recipient will be asked to provide three acceptable travel start dates (travel must be completed by September 25, 2012) and moderate resort choices in order of preference no later than March 2, 2012. Reservation will be confirmed by Disney within 14 business days. Documents will be resort pick up. This vacation package is nontransferable,  nonrefundable and has no cash value.  Once redeemed and the reservation confirmed, NO CHANGES WILL BE ACCEPTED. Recipient accepts that MEI-Travel, WDW Radio and its affiliates are not responsible for, nor will recipient or his/her guests attempt to hold it liable for, any injury, damage or loss you may suffer on account of any conditions, actions or omissions that are beyond its reasonable control. Other restrictions apply.