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Wanna-be Disney Imagineers, Unite!

Admit it…. Like me, you have at one time or another, during a Disney visit or in the middle of a boring meeting back home, wondered to yourself, “Could I be (have been) an Imagineer?”

I’ve done it countless times.  I think it’s one of the beauties of being able to visit Walt Disney World frequently.  When one is not crazed trying to “fit all the rides in,” one can slow down, look up (thanks, Lou) and better appreciate the stories that unfold.  You can start to immerse yourself in the creativity and excitement that comes with storytelling–in finding just the right chair or costume or picture to enhance the story.

I am finding that this pattern is now extending to my daily life here in New Jersey.  I find myself seeing an interesting piece of clothing or furniture or decor and I start to imagine how it could be used in Walt Disney World.  If nothing else, I find it is a fun way to jazz up an otherwise routine run to Target for food and clothes.  “Hmmm… an interesting comforter there.  Would I put that in the Caribbean Beach or Port Orleans?”  “Oooooh…. I love that picture frame.  It would fit right into the 50s’ Primetime Cafe.”  Maybe I’m crazy, but it’s a fun way for me to ward off the “Disney Blues” (that’s Webster’s term for “it’s been too long since I’ve been in Disney and I am envious of everyone who is there right now.”)

Anyway, I have been having fun with my Secret Imagineering, but it’s much more fun to share in the dream-making and story-telling.  And so, this new blog series is born!  Each week, I will post a post a picture of something that catches my eye during my countless trips about the mall capital of the US.  (Be proud, New Jersey!)   These items will not have any obvious Disney connection (i.e. Nothing that already has Mickey Mouse on it).  I will then ask YOU to share your thoughts about where in the Walt Disney World Resort you could see that item incorporated and how it could advance the story!   You can “place” the item anywhere: in a resort, a restaurant, an attraction, a costume, or a form of transportation…..  There are no “right” answers, of course–just fun conversation among friends while we await our next Disney vacation.

So with this blog, in our own little way, we can all be the Imagineers we dreamed we could have been… and who knows?  Maybe someday, someone in our WDW Radio family will be inducted into that hallowed group of America’s most creative minds.  But in the meantime, we’ll have some fun and laughs–and share the true spirit of Disney!

Are you ready? Here’s our first item.


So…… If YOU were a Disney Imagineer, where would you put this adorable peacock?  How would it help the story?  Give us your thoughts in the comments below!!









Have fun, wanna-be Imagineers!!  🙂  Happy Friday!