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Wanna Be Imagineers: Here’s a “Snappy” Challenge

Happy Friday once again to our team of wish-we-coulda-been-maybe-someday Imagineers!!  We LOVED your thoughts about last week’s mysterious female statue holding two birds.  Some were able to connect her story to Mary Poppins or Snow White.  Others offered completely unique storylines for our maiden.  From Animal Kingdom to Magic Kingdom, she found many a place to rest her worried self.

This week, we have a picture that has a far different tone.  Please welcome….. this alligator…











Okay, so…..  tell us his STORY!  Here are some questions to consider:

1. Where in the Walt Disney World Resort does this guy call home?

2. What does he keep on his tray?  And why?

3. What’s with that look on his face?


Have fun, my fellow wanna-be Imagineers–and have a magical week!!  8: )