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Wanna Be Imagineers! Time is Ticking!!

Happy Friday once again, my partners in Disney “dream-gineering.”  I’m just back from a wonderful trip to The World, which gave me another opportunity to appreciate the amazing detail the Imagineers incorporate into their story-telling!

For this week’s Wanna-Be Imagineering activity, we are going to move away from the animal-based pieces previously posted and consider an item that could have multiple uses.

So, how would a Disney Imagineer use this item?  Please consider the following and post your reply in the comments section:

1. Which Disney character would be most likely to own this hourglass?

2. What is the hourglass counting down to?  What happens when the sand runs out?

3. Where in the Disney parks would you find this on display?

REALLY looking forward to your creative ideas!  Enjoy, my friends!