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WDW Radio Disney Book Club: KK 5 Chapters 1-5 Discussion Questions

Hello, fellow Keepers!  I am extremely sorry for the delay, but here are the first discussion questions of Kingdom Keepers V: Shell Game!  Special thanks for Liz Driscoll, who is the anchor in the development of these discussion questions!

Please remember this is designed to prepare us for the LIVE Ridley Pearson chat with Lou on Monday April 23 at www.wdwradiolive.com  Please come join us for what will undoubtedly be a lively and fun discussion!

And now… for the first questions!  Please feel free to post your thoughts and add questions as well!!

1.If you could have access to an Imagineering building, what attraction’s plans would you love to be able to examine?

2.Finn and Wayne take an interesting ride on the Walt Disney railroad.  How often do YOU ride the railroad–is it a tradition for you?

3. Finn mentions his “upgrade” for 2.0 often in the first chapters.  Which Disney attraction do you wish would receive an “upgrade”?

4. What is your favorite scene in Fantasia?

5. Do you think Maybeck and Charlene make good partners?  How would you “buddy up” the Kingdom Keepers?


We will have a new set of questions for chapters 6-10 posted TOMORROW.  Please be sure to check back here on the blog and keep the discussion going!