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WDW Radio Kids & Teens Day: Which Kingdom Keeper Character are YOU???

by Makena W.

As we ALL know by now, Kingdom Keepers 5: Shell Game came out April 3rd. In the spirit of posting Kingdom Keepers blogs until our book discussion on April 23, I started thinking, which Kingdom Keeper am I most like? Here are little descriptions of the characters, who they remind me of, and what part of each character I can relate to.

Lawrence Finnegan Whitman (or Finn) is a good leader even though he doesn’t think so himself. His courage and ability to think up plans that actually are plausible proves that he was the ideal person to be the Kingdom Keepers leader. Finn hadn’t told a lie to his parents even when he was entering high school, which is very hard to do. I mean, everyone has lied once in their life! Finn reminds me of both Milo James Thatch from Atlantis because of his knowledge and Tinkerbell due to his honesty. Tinkerbell isn’t afraid to tell you if you smell bad or if she doesn’t like you. Finn’s brown hair and apricot skin color remind me of Prince Ferdinand (otherwise known as Snow White’s prince.) In my opinion, I do have a little bit of Finn in me because I get unsure about myself sometimes.

Wayne Kresky is mysterious. All the Keepers can agree on that. He never gets directly to the point of what he wants to tell Finn and the gang just in case the Overtakers overhear. He always sends Finn, Maybeck, Charlene, Philby and Willa on scavenger hunts to find clues. These clues lead to a message Wayne is trying to tell them. Wayne is also dedicated. Even in times where it was impossible to reach the Kingdom Keepers, Wayne found a way. As Walt said himself, “It’s kind of fun to do the impossible.” Even when he was hiding, he contacted the Kingdom Keepers. Wayne is also smart. He hacked a school computer system to secretly contact Philby and also hacked Mission: SPACE to make it faster and hopeless for people to survive through. Well, unless you are a DHI, of course. Wayne’s cold, blue eyes and hair as white as snow bring images of Geppetto to my mind. His mysterious ways and smart actions bring the image of Scar to my mind. Even though Scar was a villain (and obviously Wayne could be considered a hero), everything he did was planned out, including killing Mufasa.

Terrence Maybeck definitely is the most sarcastic Keeper. Plus, Maybeck seems to be the funniest whether making a good comeback (‘“Do we even know what we’re looking for?” Charlene whined. A Fastpass back to our normal lives,” Maybeck snorted.”’) or just pointing out the obvious (“What’s the point of a college fund if we won’t be alive of college?”). Maybeck is very self-assured and that can hurt him sometimes. Also, he always seems to be preoccupied with something else. He doesn’t put the Kingdom Keepers first, as you can tell by his attitude. “Terry” has the wits, sense of humor and capability to create good comebacks like Aladdin and the eyes and cocky smile of Doctor Facilier from Princess and the Frog. I concluded that I have a piece of Maybeck’s personality in me. My sense of humor is similar to Maybeck’s because I am sarcastic (but not as much as he is) and I can crack jokes (or at least I think so.)

Charlene Turner is a very popular girl. Her blond hair and blue eyes attract boys from all over her school-but her agility and skills probably contribute to that too. She is always the one who volunteers to do energetic activities like becoming DiVine. Charlene is also very dramatic and daring. In my opinion, Charlene has the looks of Cinderella. Her athletic abilities remind me of Tigger and his tail.

Dell Philby is very smart. He works with computers like Lou works with cameras! He hacks into the cruise broadcasting system (shout out to page 188 of KK5! My favorite page!) and once even created new DHIs. Philby is very loyal to his friends. For books 4 and 5, he could have trapped all the other Kingdom Keepers in Sleeping Beauty Syndrome at any time. He was in control of the kid’s crossing over and which means he is also trustworthy. His orange hair and accent, different than everybody else’s, reminds me of Peter Pan (he has an American accent when Wendy, Michael and John all have British accents) and his intelligence reminds me of Pocahontas.

Isabella “Willa” Angelo seemed very shy at the beginning of the book series. But as Kingdom Keepers 3: Disney in Shadow started to unfold; Willa became comfortable with the other Keepers and showed her true colors. She evolved into a brave and confident young woman. She is very honest and also her copper-skin (That was a Pocahontas reference) and brown hair reminds me of Pocahontas while her character traits remind me of Merida from Brave. I believe I have a little bit of Willa in me because I am very shy if I don’t know you, however, as you get to know me better, you find out how insane and crazy I am. With her looks and personality, I believe she is most like me.

Just like I’ve discovered that I am most like some characters but can really find a piece of myself in all of them, I’m sure you can find some of yourself in the Keepers also. Leave a comment below telling me which Kingdom Keeper character you are most like. I am looking forward to reading your responses!


I am VERY excited to tell all of you readers that I found out a few days ago that Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two comes out October 1st, and I will review it eventually. What makes this very exciting for me is…*drum roll please*….for the first time ever, you can play as Oswald The Lucky Rabbit. If you have read my blogs for a while, you know that I love Oswald and the game EpicMickey. I recommend that you try it if you haven’t played it yet.


Just wanted to congratulate  Christy’s sister who married her own “Prince Charming” last Thursday. As King Hurbert said in Sleeping Beauty, “Those children are bound to fall in love with each other!”


Congratulations to Paul C. who got the last “Where in The World?” picture correct! It is in the Once Upon a Toy store in Downtown Disney. This next one is a little bit harder.  Where in the World was this picture taken?

See ya REAL soon!


Makena is a 13 year old middle school student who spends much of her free time researching Disney. She enjoys sharing Disney facts and even plans Walt Disney World vacations (including searches for secrets and Hidden Mickeys) for friends and family.