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Our Bathroom Went Disney: VOTE NOW!

Welcome back, my friends, to our popular series celebrating the Disney magic in our homes!!  This time around, we are celebrating the Disney magic in our bathrooms.  We have a wonderful assortment of entries this time, marking everything from America’s favorite mouse, to the Haunted Mansion, to the underwater environment of our buddy Nemo.  Take a look at these amazing entries and then cast your vote for which entry you think did the most magical job of “going Disney.”


Entry #1: Adam & Sarah: “My husband has undertaken the task of finishing in our basement this year, and we wanted the new bathroom to remind us and our kids (Jack, 3 years, and Ellie, 6 years) of our many magical WDW memories. From the Walt Disney quote that expresses the root of our love for Disney to the Mickey rug and, yes, hand soap, we enjoy taking a quick shower here after a workout or letting the kids prepare for bed here during basement movie nights!”





















Entry #2: Sigrid: “Hi there! We are super nerds for the Haunted Mansion- so when it came time for a bathroom makeover, the decision was easy. Now it has wall-to-wall creeps, and hot and cold running chills! My favorite part is the more ‘lively’ version of the famous Haunted Mansion wallpaper, it is all hand stenciled. There is even the raven, the 13 hour clock, and lenticular portraits from the changing portrait hall.  I offer you this chilling challenge: to find a way out! (Of course there’s always my way- the door.)”


















Entry #3 Jamie: “Finally … a Disney contest about bathroom decorations! We remodeled our unfinished basement about seven years ago, and roughed in a portion for a full bathroom. Since we had a “blank canvas” so to speak, we decided to pay homage to the roots of the Walt Disney Company and feature Mickey Mouse.

The color palette is a traditional black and white, and the shower curtain has a classic Mickey pose on it. The door adds a splash of color to the room, with a pie-eyed Mickey looking over it all. The sink basin has a whimsical scene of Mickey hanging on to Minnie, who appears to be enjoying the scenery. The old-fashioned handles feature Mickey on the cold and Minnie on the hot. The mirror is understated, with three classic hidden Mickey silhouettes on the top. A DVC print on the wall adds some more color to the room, featuring Mickey showing off the Walt Disney World DVC resorts.

The towel bar features a pair of well known white gloves holding the bar, where soft terry cotton towels hang, each imprinted with the internationally famous side profile of Mickey. Finally, a simple, ceramic trash can is there too, with a three-dimensional imprint of sir Mickey.

We hope you enjoy it!”


















Entry #4 Mike W. “As you can see in the following three pictures, our bathroom is entirely Disney. From the rugs, shower curtain, towels right down to the shampoos every morning we get up we transport to Disney via our bathroom.”





















Entry #5 Jay: “We have a Finding Nemo themed bathroom for our children.Using Disney branded paints from Home Depot, we created an undersea adventure that celebrates this movie, complete with hidden Mickeys.  Do you see any?”





















Entry 6 Mike: “So I know my Disney bathroom isn’t packed full of Mickey icons, doesn’t have images of Nemo, Flounder or even Ariel…  But I’ve tried to keep my bathroom on the low key with a hint of Disney. (yeh I know the bath mat is quite ‘in your face’but it was a gift so thought it best to put it on display)  So – Trying to keep it non-tacky, I’ve also put in Disney soap bars and shampoo bottles.”















Entry #7 Donna:“I smile every time I go into my bathroom as it’s filled with subtle, and not-so-subtle, Disney touches.  The print from Disney Vacation Club celebrating their 15th anniversary hangs in a prominent place over a shelf of Disney figurines.  The Goofy Bubble Bath snow globe was a perfect addition to my Disney bathroom décor.  The silver hammered Kleenex holder, cup, and oval shaped containers with the Hidden Mickey cutouts are both useful and decorative as are the blue checked Mickey Mouse towels.  My favorite Disney collectible, however, is the Jim Shore Disney Tradition Sorcerer Mickey which magically points toward the framed photographs I’ve taken of ‘Wishes’ over Cinderella’s Castle.”



















Entry #8 Becky “We are still in the process of turning our half bath into the Haunted Mansion. Eventually we will have framed artwork on the walls. So far we have two of the walls mostly stenciled with the wallpaper pattern from the Haunted Mansion. We also swapped out the original mirror and light fixture. The light has two flicker bulbs that we picked up around Halloween which gives the room an appropriately creepy feel.”


















So there you have it!!!  What an amazing and creative set of entries!  Please examine them all and cast your vote by May 13, 2012 at 10PM EDT.

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