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Storyboarding Your Life: Practically Perfect DISNEY Crafting-Disney Gingerbread Cookie Recipe Page

by Fran Cassano

Hi Everyone! WDW Radio’s “Christmas in July” is bringing us a lot of goodies. And speaking of treats, who doesn’t love a good gingerbread cookie? A few years ago, Disney posted one of the best recipes for gingerbread I have ever tasted. When I bake these, people always ask for the recipe. For this project, I am sharing the recipe with you, by way of a scrapbook-type page. I often do these kinds of “practical” crafts~crafts that can also be used for a specific purpose. Hopefully this will start a nice tradition of scrapping favorite recipes into your own family cookbook album or as an item to give friends. So, let’s get started, together!

I used the following (but definitely feel free to do a variation that fits your own theme):

  • Glue Lines, tape runner (or similar permanent adhesive)
  • 1 piece 8 1/2 x 11 Disney or other patterned scrapbook paper (or a piece of 12×12 scrapbook paper cut into 8 1/2 x 11)
  • 1 plain Recipe Card (or you can use a stamp like I did, or a template like this)
  • 1 Cookie Recipe. I’m using a Gingerbread Cookie Recipe from Disney’s Grand Floridian, link here (courtesy of Disney Parks).
  • 1 Cookie Sheet embellishment template (I used one courtesy of Scrapbooks Etc., but you can also make your own)
  • 1 piece 8 1/2 x 11 white cardstock
  • 1 small gift card envelope to enclose full, detailed recipe (if desired)
  • Scrap pieces of card stock in your choices of colors for Cookie Sheet and layering. I selected variations of Mickey Reds, artichoke green, browns and silvers.
  • Disney Dimensional Mickey Alphabet Stickers by EK Success (#53-50001) or alphabet stickers of your choice
  • Holiday photos of your choice (I have photos of a wreath, an ornament and cookies)
  • Paper scissors and craft tweezers
  • Decorative edging scissors. I’m using my Mickey edgers.


Let’s start by cutting out your cookie sheet template with the heart cookies and the rolling pin. This time, I am just cutting my papers around the template without outlining because they are so small. Next, I cut out little free-form icings out of white paper for the heart cookies. Affix the pieces all together and put aside.

Next, write a part of the recipe on your cards (here, I actually squeezed the whole thing in). If you have some excess space, use decorative edging scissor for a little bit of texture. I used my Mickey edgers to make a “spiral bound notebook” look. Layer this on top of some card stock. I cut mine with a 1/4 inch edge for the recipe card.

Take the full recipe if desired, and fold it into the gift card envelope and affix to the back side of the page with adhesive.

Then, affix the recipe cards, the cookie sheet and rolling pin to the 8 1/2 x 11 page anywhere you like, leaving room for other embellishments.

Select which holiday photo you would like to use. I ended up using a photo of the finished gingerbread cookies from a previous holiday I made them for. But you can use a wreath or an ornament photo, whatever you like to make it your own.

I wanted to play around with my images, so I cut the individual cookies out of the photo to make a large layering piece embellishment. Deconstructing and then reconstructing a photo is a great way to reframe how you see and display your images. There is no wrong way to do it. Let your imagination guide you. For me, the different sized circles of the cookies are perfect for this. I then rearranged my cookies and affixed them over an artichoke green colored card stock. I cut the paper around the cookies free form just to give them a hint of pop from the page. Add this under the recipe cards on whichever side. (Can you find the Hidden Mickey and/or Hidden Minnie I made from my cookies?)

Finally, take the alphabet stickers and create a title. I went with “let’s make gingerbread COOKIES”. What will you choose?

Now, preheat your oven and make some delicious Disney Gingerbread Cookies for your own “Christmas in July” !

Happy Crafting and Happy Baking!











Craft Time: 1 hour and 45 minutes for prep and assembly of Recipe Card page

Fran’s Notes:

~When working with small pieces of card stock and bits of adhesive, I like to use tweezers for more precision. EK Success “Bee” line and Martha Stewart Crafts make excellent tweezers.

~I like writing recipes in my own hand if I’m passing them along. It’s also fun if you let the kids write the recipes, too.

~ If you would like, you can use non-permanent adhesive, so your recipient can remove the recipe card (s) while baking or to put them in their own recipe box.

~This might be a nice idea to incorporate into a holiday cookie swap. Break out all your supplies along with the sugar, flour and eggs. Family (and friend) collaborations like this can become a cherished item to pass down or share with others.


Like so many of us, Fran Cassano’s life is sprinkled with Mickeys. From collecting Park brochures as a child, to creating ideas for her own Disney Fairy Tale Wedding, paper crafts have kept the magic of Disney a part of her everyday life. Fran invites us capture our own memories through Storyboarding your Life: Practically Perfect DISNEY Crafting Break out the tools that have been gathering dust. And let’s figure out how, together!