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Wanna-be Imagineers: Re-imagine Your OWN Disney Hallmark Ornament!

Christmas in July, it seems, is everywhere!!!  Earlier this week, I wandered into one of my favorite stores (after the Disney Store, of course): Hallmark.  I love their selection of Disney merchandise and was delighted to discover their Disney holiday ornaments were on display…. and there are a lot of them!!  The gallery below showcases many–though not all!–of the ones you can see.













My children and I easily spent fifteen minutes looking at them all, playing the ones that moved and (I am sure much to the Hallmark employee’s “delight”), playing the musical ones over and over and over.  One of my daughters started commenting on “if I could make my OWN Disney ornament….” and we all started discussing what we would love to see in Disney ornaments…  thus, this week’s Wanna-be Imagineer topic was born.

We want to know:  if YOU could design your OWN Disney Christmas ornament, what would it look like?  The sky is the limit!  It can move, make noise, light up….  You can cross characters from different movies or attractions–or make one to represent WDW Radio!

Personally, I would love it if Disney were to start making attraction-specific ornaments.  Maybe just a couple ornaments each year, never to be released again–that would increase the desire to have the whole series!  Imagine how fun it would be to have a Haunted Mansion ornament that had a little button and played “There’s no turning back now!!!!”  How about a Jungle Cruise ornament that had a button that repeated three of the best Jungle Cruise puns ever.  YOU could decide which 3 puns you wanted by selecting from an assortment offered online.  I’d love a Tower of Terror ornament where you could move the car from the bottom to the top and back again using a little crank!  Finally, how about an ornament that featured an electronic countdown to your next Disney vacation? Oh, I love being a Wanna-be Imagineer!

So, let’s hear your ideas!  Post them in the comments below.  One day, one of us WILL make it out of the realm of “wanna-be” Imagineers!  I know it!!

Have a great week, everyone!


**If you head to your local Hallmark Store this weekend, you can enjoy their ornament premiere.   There is a special, five-piece, Fab Five Disney series this year called “Ready! Set! Snow!”  Each ornament representing of the Fab Five will be released a different month.  The first two (Mickey and Pluto) will be available for purchase at this weekend’s ornament event, with the remaining ones being released in September (Donald Duck), October (Goofy), and November (Minnie Mouse).