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What Kind of Disney Holiday Fan Are You? TAKE OUR QUIZ!!!!

by Richard Bernato

If a Christmas spent in Disney World teaches you anything, it’s that you don’t need snow to have a magical holiday. The holiday decorations that can be found all over the parks and resorts in Disney World are sure to incite even the least ambitious home decorator to recreate some of that Disney magic in their own abodes. So, which Disney Christmas decorations are most likely to inspire your own holiday decorating skills? Answer the quiz below to find out!


1. It’s the holiday season, and you’re lucky enough to be in Disney! What do you want to see first?

a) Main Street, USA

b) Epcot’s World Showcase

c) Resort Decorations

d) Osbourne Lights

2. Which Disney experience helps put you in the holiday spirit?

a) A Very Merry Christmas Party

b) The Candlelight Processional at Epcot

c) The Osborne Family Spectacle of Dancing Lights

d) Mickey’s Once Upon a Christmastime Parade

3. At Christmastime, which resort would be your number one choice of lodging?

a) Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa

b) Disney’s Polynesian Resort

c) Wilderness Lodge

d) The Yacht and Beach Club

4. If you could only have one holiday decoration in your home, other than a Christmas tree, it would be:

a) White Christmas lights

b) Colorful Christmas lights

c) Nativity Scene

d) Santa figurines

5. Your favorite Disney Christmas ornament would be:

a) The Victorian Egg Mickey and Minnie Mouse ornament

b) The Broadway Musical Zazu Ornament

c) The Icon Mickey Mouse Ornament in Silver

d) The Cinderella Ear Hat ornament


Had enough? Now let’s score your answers: Give yourself the points below according to the choices you made:

  • For number one, if you chose a) 1 point; b) two points; c) three points; d) four points.
  • For number two, if you chose a) 4 points; b) three points; c) two points; d) one point.
  • For number three, if you chose a) three points; b) four points; c) one point; d) two points.
  • For number four, if chose a)two points; b) three points; c) one point; d) four points.
  • For number five, if chose a) one point; b) two points; c) three points; d) four points.

Now, break out your abacus and add your score.

  • If you scored between five and nine, you prefer traditional Christmas decorating.
  • If you scored between ten and fourteen, you prefer Christmas decorating with an international flavor.
  • If you scored between fifteen and nineteen, you prefer Christmas decorations with a modern flair.
  • If you scored twenty or above, you prefer your Christmas decorations to be inspired by fantasy.

What does it all mean??

Traditional:  The influence of Currier & Ives can be found throughout Main Street in Magic Kingdom, where you feel most inspired during a Disney Christmas. You’ll find ideas in everything here, from the Candy Cane Garden to the toy soldiers that can be found throughout the park, to the colorful Christmas lights twinkling in wreaths. Think pointsettias, red and white stripes, Santa Clause figurines and anything Americana or Victorian in nature when choosing your own decorations. You might also find your decorating imagination tickled by the giant tree featured in the lobby of The Wilderness Lodge, where you’ll find surprising flourishes like plaid ribbons and tiny teepees.

International:  You’re so worldly! Your favorite holiday touches in Disney World are the ethnic-inspired surprises that can be found everywhere from the countries in Epcot Center (no surprise there!) to the giant tree in Animal Kingdom Lodge’s lobby. To bring in a touch of this international flavor to your own holiday decorating, mix more traditional aspects of holiday decorating with splashes  of African or Native American art. You might add African baskets to your tree or proudly display Santa figurines from around the world.

Modern: Your tastes run more toward the chic and streamlined – and you probably stay at The Contemporary whenever you visit Disney. Chances are that you like to keep your Christmas decorations relatively simple with high impact pops of decorating throughout your home. Think of the Christmas tree outside of The Contemporary during holiday season, adorned with just a few colorful ornaments here and there, or the white twinkling lights of Mickey’s silhouette hanging from the building. Or maybe you’d prefer to add a mid-century modern touch to your decorating with a silver tinsel Christmas tree, like one that can be found in the Pop Century Resort.

Fantasy: If you’ve earned enough points to fall into this category, you like your decorations bold, bright and magical – think Hollywood Studio’s Osborne Family Spectacle of Dancing Lights, or the way Cinderella’s Castle literally sparkles with the glow of hundreds of thousands of white twinkling lights. If you’d like to take a cue from these magical Disney experiences and recreate them in your own home, you might try adding sheets of lights to the front of your home, or string lights over a pagoda to craft your own version of a starry night sky in your backyard.

What were your results? What do you think? Would you add anything to our questions? Post your thoughts in the comments below!!