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Practically Perfect DISNEY Techniques: A Disney “Parks Ready” Style Board

by Fran Cassano

Hi Everyone! A few years ago I started subscribing to a site that occasionally posted what were called style boards. They were a little like inspiration boards, but took clothing and accessories to achieve a look, rather than taking similarly themed images to achieve a concept. Fast forward to now, and there are a number of Disney-based style board sites on tumblr. and Pinterest, which I love to look at.

So, what does this have to do with crafting, you might be asking? I like the idea of coming up with style boards when planning my next Disney vacation. I have amassed a large number of the Disney Store items for my trips including their organic t-shirts and Disney Couture jewelry. I take pieces that might go together and create a style board in PowerPoint. Believe it or not, these style boards eventually inspired some of my crafting. And, they are so easy to make.

Think of these style boards as a collage that will get layered upon itself, almost like a digital scrapbook page. Here I made a quick style board for a Parks ready, Disney Mermaid themed look. I tied some Mary Blair in with a Pirates of the Caribbean poster along with the more obvious Ariel and Ursula items shown.

Now, it’s your turn. Let’s get started together!

To begin your own style board in PowerPoint:

  1. If you would like to revisit how to arrange images in PowerPoint, click here for reference.
  2. Start with a New Slide, click Layout, then select Blank.
  3. This time, to insert photos, clip art or other images: Go to your website of choice, say DisneyStore.com. Copy the image you like~here, I’ve chosen my favorite Ariel t-shirt. Paste it onto the PowerPoint slide.
  4. Then, go all the way to the left and select the little wand that has a little angle next to it. When you hover over it, it will read “Set Transparent Color”. I added a red arrow to show you where it is. Click it, then go back to the image you just pasted and click it again. This will make your image have no background. It will be ready to begin layering with other items.
  5. Keep collecting the images you like for your look by copying, pasting and setting transparent color.
  6. Then, arrange the images in layers by selecting “Bring to Front” or “Send to Back” under the Format Tab. Play with how you space everything out.
  7. Feel free to crop your images by using the Format tab and clicking Crop.
  8. Like I wrote the other week,  you change the size of your images when they are “highlighted” on the slide by dragging and pulling the circles and boxes on the sides and moving the green ball at the top.

I like to add a few extra images to complete the style theming. And that’s really all there is to it.

I wonder what Disney Parks style boards you will come up with! What outfit will inspire your future projects?

Enjoy your day and craft away!

Fran’s Notes:

~Try the techniques I’ve shown you here and apply them to your next digital scrapbooking layout.



Like so many of us, Fran Cassano’s life is sprinkled with Mickeys. From collecting Park brochures as a child, to creating ideas for her own Disney Fairy Tale Wedding, paper crafts have kept the magic of Disney a part of her everyday life. Fran invites us capture our own memories through Practically Perfect DISNEY Crafting… Break out the tools that have been gathering dust. And let’s figure out how, together!