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Random Acts of Disney Magic: Brainstorming Some Ideas

Editor’s Note:  We will soon be announcing the details of the WDW Radio Random Acts of Disney Magic Challenge, as well as the winner of our logo contest.  While we finalize the details, Makena is here to start you thinking about some magical ways for you to share the Disney Magic in the parks.

by Makena W.

During the 5th anniversary show of WDW Radio on February 11th, Lou and the not-so-fab five had to do 5 Random Acts of Disney Magic. Many viewers said that they wanted to do Random Acts of Disney Magic next time they go to Disney. Here are some ideas that you can perform to spread the magic during your next visit. These could make anybody’s day, or maybe even their vacation.

Grab fastpasses and give them to somebody at the end of the stand-by line
This was actually done during the show, but I loved it so much I decided to repeat it.  Pick a ride that usually has a long wait, like Winnie The Pooh or Big Thunder Mountain, and grab fastpasses for them. When the time arrives when you have to turn them in, give them to the family at the end of the stand-by line. It is something easily accepted (unlike food) and everybody would appreciate it.

Comfort people in line
This seems to be something that I do often, especially on Mission: SPACE.  Many kids get nervous when at the front of the line for a ride because it is the last time they can chicken out if they really want to.  I will use Mission: SPACE as an example.  When you get off your spaceship, the next group is usually right behind you. I always turn around and see who’s behind me, and see if they are nervous.  If they are, I always say “It’s no big deal!” or “It’s a lot of fun! Don’t worry!”  It puts a smile on their face and lets them experience something for the first time without worrying about the thrill level.

Switching seats
As most of you probably know, getting a good spot to see a parade or any nighttime show takes blood, sweat, tears and a little bit of luck. Many younger kids get tired, or want to do their own things close to showtime, causing them to get a seat farther back. I always feel bad when a little kid has to be lifted on their parent’s shoulders to see over a very tall person.  Not to mention that doing this may obstruct the view of people behind them.  If I obscure the view of a young child, I always switch spots so the child can get the best view possible.  I also do this when I notice people with disabilities and young children.  Of course we all want the outside seat on Kilamajaro Safaris but, let’s face it, you can see over the little kid’s head so let them sit there!

Giving up your seat on the bus
I know this one is hard, especially when the buses are filled to capacity. My family and I have done this many times and, similar to the one above, young children and the elderly are a must.  This is especially welcome when you are on a crowded bus late at night on the way back “home” to your resort.  When the buses are packed, only a lucky few get a seat.  So when you give your seat to somebody, it is surely greatly appreciated.  At night, everybody is tired from walking around all day (no matter where you are taking a bus from) and nobody wants to stand any longer than they have to.

Walk up to a little girl in a costume and ask for her autograph
In the Magic Kingdom especially, little girls appear dressed as their favorite princesses.  Looking for a magical thing to do?  Walk up to one of these pint-sized princesses and ask for their autograph.  Maybe mention how you have been looking for her all day, you knew her dress would look prettier in real life than the movies, etc.  It can either go two ways:  the kid will tell you that they are not the princess they are dressed as or they will play along. If they go with the first one, argue that they look just like the princess they are portraying.  If they play along, don’t worry!  Just play along with them.  They might actually sign with the princess’s name instead of their own. (Thanks to my friend Shayna for letting me use her picture.)  If you don’t want to “ruin” your book with fake autographs, go to the dollar store before you leave home and pick up a small notebook.  The integrity of your autograph book will stay intact and you have lots of pages to make little girls smile!  Just imagine the smile on your daughter’s (or niece, cousin, granddaughter – you get the picture) face when she tells her friends that someone thought that she was really Cinderella!

Letting people in front of you in line
My pet peeve is when people hold spots for other people in line.  I know it’s against the rules but we have all seen it done!  If you are waiting for one person, that is fine with me. But if 10 people all of a sudden hop in line with someone else, I’m annoyed.  (I get especially aggravated if they come back with food.)  If you want food, send ONE person, not ten! Okay, I will stop my ranting now. But if you are waiting for a group of people or just want to be nice, please let people pass you. They should (and better) thank you.

Just remember, treat people the way you want to be treated.  I personally love bringing a smile to somebody else’s face rather than my own.  It creates memories for other people that they will never forget.  And besides, you never know who is watching, but somebody is.  Always watching.  (That is a Monster’s Inc. reference.)

You might be wondering why I didn’t post this earlier. That is because I noticed that a logo contest was announced for WDW Radio’s Random Acts of Disney Magic which led me to believe that events are coming soon similar to the ones I have mentioned.  Still, it is something that I really believe in and wanted to pass on my ideas!

See ya REAL soon!
~Makena W.

Quote of the Week:  “My little baby, off to destroy people…” Mushu, Mulan