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Self-Shot Tuesday – Our First Set of Self Shot Photos from Walt Disney World!

Welcome to our newest column feature: Self-Shot Tuesdays!

The plan is simple: you take a picture of yourself somewhere within Disney property and send it to us!  We’ll then feature handfuls of pictures each week.  Sometimes the pictures will have something in common… sometimes we will have a question for you…  sometimes we will let the pictures speak for themselves!

We had a wonderful response to our request for self-shots. Thanks so much to those of you who sent us your pictures!

If yours does not appear today, have no fear!  We have catalogued the ones we have received so far–watch in future weeks.  And if you haven’t yet sent us one, keep it in mind during your future Disney vacation!   Send your self shot to photos@wdwradio.com or Tweet them to @LouMongello and then check the blog each week.

Here are the inaugural self shots:

Do you notice what they have in common?  Post your thoughts in the comments below! 

(There could be multiple correct answers.  We’ll tell you what we thought in next week’s blog post.)