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PSSHAA!!! A Review of the WDW Radio American Adventurers Club Event

PSSHAA….. PSSHAA???  Yes, PSSHAA!!! Such was the acronym-turned-WDW-Radio-greeting that was coined at the American Adventurers Club E-Ticket Event hosted by WDW Radio and held on Friday evening, September 28 in EPCOT.  The three hour dinner and entertainment experience harkened back to the bygone era of Pleasure Island’s Adventurers Club yet was a unique experience for everyone in attendance.

In the first of an annual WDW Radio “E-ticket” event, the American Adventurers Club met under the dome of the Rotunda in the American Adventure Pavilion.  Participants were welcomed by five charter members of PSSHAA (Preservation of the Secret Society of Historical American Adventurers): Clementine Jackson, Edison Jersey Brown, Ace “Hello Ladies” Spitfire, Professor Beauregard Jackson, and PSSHAA Club president Abigail Adams Right (“I was named after the first second lady and the second first lady… and my Daddy was Right!”)  The charter members were supported musically in their multiple songs by pianist Rags.  Bitsy “Maid in America”, the seventh person to greet the e-ticket attendees, was not a charter member of PSSHAA, but clearly was a big fan!

The evening began by explaining to the attendees the mission of PSSHAA, with a review of the Club Creed.  (You can see an abbreviated version of the Creed in the poster image).  Clementine and Edison then demonstrated the club salute and trained all attendees in the proper way to salute one another.  This included waving your hands like a flag, giving a salute, and then using both arms to push the weight of the world off your shoulders and saying, “PSSHAA!”  After reciting the creed and giving the salute, the e-ticket attendees were deemed “honorary” members of PSSHAA.

After these formalities, the meeting of PSSHAA was called to order and Old Business was discussed. Among the topics for old business were such pertinent and history-making issues as whether Tony Caggiano will ever be able to eat a Kitchen Sink and whether Lou was wearing his underoos (apparently not).   Tony was also asked to share his infamous turkey call (though we were treated to an owl call instead).

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When the topic turned to new business, Professor Beauregard Jackson suggested that after seven years as PSSHAA Club president, Abigail Adams Right was too comfortable in her position.  He then announced his crowd-shocking intention to challenge her as PSSHAA Club President.  The charter members decided to host a debate after dinner to determine which of the two best fit the bill as PSSHAA President.

At this point in the evening, honorary members of PSSHAA were treated to a wonderful buffet dinner (which Abigail Adams Right claimed to have provided herself). While attendees ate, the charter members of PSSHAA interacted with the guests.   During this time, honorary members were able to learn more about the characters, while the Professor and Abigail unofficially “campaigned” for votes.  During this time, we learned that none of the charter members knew poor Bitsy’s real name (Bobsy, Tipsy and Botoxy were some of the names she was called).  We also discovered Edison Jersey Brown’s family was originally from Connecticut (not New Jersey, despite his name.)   Ace, the fighter pilot, was comically afraid of heights.

After dinner, the debate between Professor Beauregard Jackson and Abigail Adams Right was set to begin, with Ace Spitfire serving as moderator.  The audience (and especially our favorite podcaster) was surprised to learn that there had been a write-in candidate for the presidency: our very own Lou Mogello! Lou was led (dragged?) up to the stage, where he took some gentle ribbing about his height (it was suggested he might need to sit on two stools).

Once the candidates were settled, the questions began.  Candidates were asked to share their hobbies (Pro. Jackson practices taxidematology—cleaning the skins of stuffed animals), their best quality (Lou sited his his cotton shirts) and worst qualities (Abigail considers changing the side of her head on which to wear her hat.)   After the short debate ended, the audience voted via applause (and hopeful PSSHAA member Bitsy helped ensure we all voted for Lou.)

Lou modestly accepted the role as Club president, much to the chagrin of Abigail Adams Right.   To celebrate Lou’s win, the charter members broke into a series of patriotic songs which reverberated beautifully under the dome of the pavilion.

The evening was a delightful mix of camaraderie, laughter, and the magic of Disney entertainment.  So many members of the WDW Radio family were there, many meeting for the first time from behind the veil of their Box monikers.  The Box People themselves received several “shout outs” from the cast, including a dedication of a song at the end of the night.

Among the special guests in attendance were Disney Legend Charlie Ridgway (Clementine Jackson took a special liking to Mr. Ridgway!).  Disney Design Group artists Casey Jones, Alex Maher, Ron Cohee, and Brian Blackmore attended as well and contributed artwork to the Dream Team charity auctions.  Finally, Disney historian and WDW Radio Show regular Jim Korkis joined in the fun—and even asked a question during the debate.

In all, the American Adventurer’s Club E-Ticket event was a tremendous inaugural kick off to the annual WDW Radio weekend events, and I hope you all can join us for next year’s event.  In the meantime, PSSHAA!


Special thanks to our sponsor, Mouse Fan Travel, who helped make this event possible! PSSHAA! 🙂

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