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WDW Radio UK Meet Review

by Michelle Tate Young

The date was Saturday 2nd February, the location was Nottingham, which is a busy city in roughly the middle of England, and the purpose was to bring together UK fans of WDW Radio, The Minnie Minxes Disney Podcast, namely Michelle Tate Young and Kim Goodwin, and the blog of Daydreaming Disney written by Emma Godbold.

The event followed on from a previous fan meet held by Emma in 2011. This meet proved to be such a success that most of the participants have kept in touch with each other and even going on the WDW Radio Cruise 2.0 together! As to myself I have gained some very special friends.

We wanted the meet to be a UK version of Lou’s meet of the month because most of us in the UK only findUKMeet3 ourselves, by sheer chance being in the right place at the right time, to be able to attend as we usually book our trips one to two years out!

To get everyone mingling we started off with a Minxie version of Headbands. Now if you have never played this game, I suggest you do. You make it quite cheaply using post-it notes but we were in luck as Mark and Tara Petar had brought theirs with them. It was such a hoot we could have played all afternoon but we had a purpose a visitor due!

This proved to be an excellent icebreaker and we moved on to our raffle. We were very lucky to have donated prizes from WDW Radio, Simon Phipps, Tim and Kerrie Craggs, Chris Manion and dug deep in my pockets and managed to add a few things also. The raffle proved to be a big success and we surpassed the $75 target and actually raised $200, which will be donated to the Lou’s Dream Team Project.

UKMeet1Everybody managed to go home with at least one raffle prize, audio guides, WDW Radio badges and the raffle was a fabulous example of the integrity us Minxes pride ourselves on… well maybe not quite! Karen and Michael Allen as well as Mark and Tara Peter won a meet up with Lou for citrus swirls in the Magic Kingdom during their next trip, which I am very envious of. Though I must admit the star prize was definitely winning a Simon Phipps media icon won by Jeff Manion and boy it was the envy of all!

Then, thanks to the wonder of Skype, we spoke with Lou Mongello and everyone took turns to ask him questions and tried to teach him to say “aluminium” the English way! Then thanks to the kindness of Jayne Phipps, we had a donut and cupcake break. Following that it was onto the Minx quiz! Well our Kim definitely put together an amazing quiz and despite UKMeet2myself managing to play the audio clips at just the moment when the song title was revealed!  By this time the meet was running nearly an hour late! So we carried on the fun and games and had a meal together in the hotel restaurant.

In my humble opinion, I feel the event was a huge success. Though I cant end this without saying a big thank you to everyone attended, donated prizes and gave IT assistance! We raised money and hopefully we brought a little bit of Disney magic to those of use living 4000 miles away from the magic. Here’s to the next meet later this year!


Michelle Tate Young is co-host of The Minnie Minxes Disney Podcast, UK Disney dreamer and obsessive holiday planner!  To find out more about the Minxes, follow us on Twitter, @theminnieminxes, like us on Facebook and read our blog http://theminnieminxes.blogspot.co.uk but most importantly listen to our Disney Podcast – go on it’s worth it for our quirky accents!