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Second Hand Disney

I’m a big thrift store go-er, especially after working at one part-time through high school and  college. Unfortunately during that time, my fanaticism of Disney wasn’t totally developed. Sure I loved the parks, but a Mickey plush didn’t drive me crazy. Now that I’m in my 20s I’ve really started to feed my Disney addiction, which has aided in its growth. Because of this, at the sight of any Disney object in a thrift store, I shout the name of whatever the item is immediately and snatch it from the shelf! I feel that finding something in a second hand shop automatically makes the item rare, and if it isn’t a unique item, at least it’s a fraction of the original price!

Here are some great Disney finds I’ve purchased over the past couple years:



$10- used

I found this lamp with no lamp shade at a flea market. It’s missing a few things, Mickey’s arms and part of the plane propellor, to be specific, but I figure I can craft some replacements out of clay when I feel motivated, though I probably could have haggled the price down if I wanted to. It’s in perfect working condition, and just needed a little cleaning up when I bought it. I found the lamp shade for $3 at the Christmas Tree Shop and added my unimpressive pin collection to jazz it up a bit. I don’t actually collect pins, these are just a few I’ve acquired for different reasons.





Mickey and Minnie Tapestry Woven Throw (dog not included, hehe)

$4.99 – slightly used condition

Of course, I washed this sucker about 5 times with double the detergent before I laid it out on the couch. When I spotted this beauty, I just HAD to have it! It features Mickey and Minnie sitting on a bench in front of Cinderella’s castle. The scene is extra special to me, because this is the spot my boyfriend and I always sit in to admire the castle with our popcorn or cups of Tofutti Ice Cream from the Plaza Ice Cream Parlor.  I already have another Mickey and Minnie woven throw with a different design that my boyfriend’s parents lovingly purchased for me for Christmas, so now I’m building a collection! If you noticed the dog in the picture, don’t wonder, “Why couldn’t Angie take a minute to get her dog out of the way to take a picture!” Instead, be impressed, “Wow, Angie was able to juggle and balance taking a picture by getting 3 of her 4 dogs out of the picture before she took it!”



Figment Decorative Plate

$2.99 – new condition!

This little gem was waiting for me. I know this because it wasn’t out on the thrift store shelves when I first arrived, but ended up being put there by an employee right as I was leaving. The back of the plate reads:

“Walt Disney World EPCOT Center

Figment, the playful purple dragon who appears throughout Journey into Imagination, doesn’t use pigments and brushes. Instead, he brings a pale landscape to life with the rich hues of the rainbow.

Made Exclusively For EPCOT Center (encircling an original Epcot Center logo)

Copyright 1982 Walt Disney Productions” 

I went to Christmas Tree Shop a few days after I purchased this and found a little dark brown wooden plate stand for less than $1!


I have some more great Disney Thrift Store finds coming up for another post, (but a couple are presents and I don’t want to spoil the surprise too early!)

What are some 2nd hand Disney treasures you have found at a flea market, thrift store, yard sale, etc? Leave your answers in the comments below!