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A Taste of Disney: A Delicious New Blog Series

image2Welcome to the new cooking segment, “A Taste of Disney,” here at the WDW radio blog! I’m Kristin and I’ll be your Paula Deen throughout this journey (except I promise I won’t have you putting 50 lbs of butter into your dishes like Paula!). I’m currently a professional student in the doctor of physical therapy program at Bellarmine University. I’m using this blog and my love of Disney as an escape from my hectic schedule of hours upon hours of anatomy and physiology.

I love cooking and I’m slowly, but surely building a repertoire of meals I’m able to prepare! Since I have a bigger sweet tooth than probably anyone else, I tend to gravitate toward baking goodies in the kitchen. I find baking and cooking to be therapeutic, so if I’m stressed out, you will most likely find me whipping up a batch of cookies or cupcakes. I don’t even have to eat them, I just like to make them and give them away!

That brings me to the focus of my blog posts. I will be picking a restaurant to highlight every week from the Disney parks and telling you all a little bit about it, what my experience has been there, and the best dishes you will find there. Then, I will leave you with a recipe from that location, so you can try it at home! My imageboyfriend just got me a Disney cookbook, so I can assure you I will have some good recipes to share with you all!

Besides being a foodie, I am also a huge Disney nerd. My friends can attest to the fact that my family loves Disney and that I get incredibly excited about anything pertaining to Disney. My family has been to Disney World 50+ times, Disneyland once, on a Disney Cruise, and I have personally visited Disneyland Paris! The reason that I love Disney is because it feels like coming home to me. I always get a sense of calm and peace when I enter the Disney gates because it feels like a safe haven away from the real world. A place to just be goofy and be a kid again and not care what anyone else thinks about it. I’ve had some of my greatest family memories spending time together on vacations there. Any time I’m at Disney, I find myself constantly laughing, smiling, and having a great time. It also provides a sense of stability. Even when lots of things are ever changing in the real world, you always know Disney will be there and will be relatively the same when you return next time.

I’m excited to start writing my posts and I hope everyone enjoys them! Please let me know if you want me to highlight any particular restaurants or recipes! Thanks guys! 🙂