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Lou Mongello introduces the new “Disney in a Minute”™ video series

Lou Mongello introduces a brand new video series – Disney in a Minute!™

In these weekly videos (available on iTunes or our YouTube channel), Lou will introduce you to Walt Disney World’s hidden treasures and overlooked experiences, share his Top 5s, as well as tips, tricks and reviews to help you have the best possible vacation experience. Each week, he will take you to the parks, resorts, Downtown Disney, the water parks… and maybe a few places you’ve never even been before – all in around 60 seconds.

Stay tuned for the first Disney in a Minute™ video in the series coming soon, and subscribe to the show for all of Lou’s video and audio shows.

And if you have an idea for something YOU would like to see covered in a Disney in a Minute video, leave your suggestions in the Comments section!

Hope you enjoy Disney in a Minute™!

Thanks for watching!

– Lou Mongello