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Who Am I? A Disney Character Activity

WHO AM IDuring the NJ meet last weekend, the twenty children in attendance were busy with many activities.  One they enjoyed (and which will become a regular feature here) is completing “I AM” poems about Disney characters.  The kids have submitted their I AM poems to be published on the blog… The catch is–they have not identified the character they are describing anywhere in the poem!  That is YOUR job!

In the poem below, a Disney character is being described by a young Disney fan.   Please read it, and then post in the comments who YOU think is being described.  One person who answers correctly (by Tuesday July 2 at 10PM EDT) will be selected at random to receive a WDW Radio Mystery Ticket.

And if YOU have a young Disney fan who would like to write a Disney character “I AM” poem to be featured here, just follow the pattern you see here–without naming the character in the lines, and email it to Christy@WDWRadio.com

And now, we are proud to feature our first young writer, Jenna!  Can you guess which character she is describing?

My character is mean and old

My character wonders how he can get off the hood of a truck

My character hears children yelling

My character sees toys being broken

My character wants to be loved again

My character tries to be evil

My character is mean and old

My character lives on the hood of a truck

My character feels bugs hitting his face

My character worries about losing control

My character cries about his abandonment

My character understands that life is hard

My character hopes to be loved again

My character is mean and old

Great job writing, Jenna!!  Who is Jenna’s character?  Post your guesses in the comments below!