Practically Perfect Disney Techniques: Photo Stitching and Panoramas

Hi Everyone! A few weeks ago, I discussed saving time by arranging photos from your trips. This week, I want to discuss ways to create new photos and panoramas using photo stitchers and related editing software or apps.

There are many software applications and device apps to stitch photos together to create panoramas. They seem to be made for Walt Disney World, Disneyland and the Disney Cruise Ships. It doesn’t really matter if you use a panorama app for your smartphone or tablet, Photoshop, an older program called Microsoft Image Composite Editor, or Microsoft Photosynth. The results are comparable depending on how you take your photos.

So, what you would have to do in order to achieve a seamless panorama of your own is to take as many PPDC Photo Stitching Disney Fantasyoverlapping photographs of one image shot from one location. Drop them all photos into one of these applications. Like magic, it creates a panorama that seamlessly combines all of the images you took.

Last year, I took a trip into Manhattan on the day the Disney Fantasy docked at Pier 88 for its Christening. These were a series of 6 images that I took of The Fantasy from The U.S.S. Intrepid. My friend, Keith Warhola, who is a professional photographer, took my images and stitched them together for me in Photoshop, as a surprise.

Last fall, my husband and I took The Disney Magic to Canada from New York City. He used Microsoft Photosynth to create this panorama of The U.S.S. Intrepid from The Disney Magic at Pier 88. (I am seen toward the right of the panorama). Photosynth is perfect for use either sending your panorama as a digital postcard to friends and family while away or to embed into your website or blog.

In 2011, I took 10 photos of a memorabilia showcase in the Disneyland Hotel. And here is the result of my stitched image using Microsoft Image Composite Editor (ICE). ICE is an older software download that now works with Photosynth. PPDC Photo Stitching DL Hotel Memoribilia

I am looking forward to using photo stitching on my next trip to Walt Disney World. I am ready to create panoramas of New Fantasyland and of course, Epcot around the lagoon.

What will you make panoramas of?

Enjoy your day and stitch away!

Panorama photo of The Disney Fantasy by Keith Warhola, using a series of original photos shot by Fran Cassano.

Panorama of The U.S.S. Intrepid from The Disney Magic by Rocco Cassano, using his own photos.

Composite photo of Disneyland Hotel memorabilia by Fran Cassano, using her own photos.

All photos are used with permission. Photosynth link to “The U.S.S. Intrepid from The Disney Magic” is used with permission.

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