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SO CLOSE—yet so far!: Travel Journals

by Ruby

You know that period of time when you’re so close to vacation, yet so far away?  Well, today I’m going to help you out with that.  Welcome to “SO CLOSE—yet so far!” where I IMG_6501will help you get EXCITED for vacation!

Today we will be making a craft to get you looking forward to your trip!  In almost ONE WEEK, I will be going to Disney World and I’m so excited to see the new Fantasyland!!!  Last year, my mom made my sister and I travel journals and we got to decorate them, but this year I made mine myself.  So today, I’m going to teach you how to make your own “Disney World Travel Journal”!

First you’re going to need to get your supplies, which include:

1. A plain or solid color notebook. (I used the brand   Moleskin, they have nice colors.)

2. A pencil

3. A Pen

4. Gel pens or markers, etc.

5. Disney themed stickers

6.  Anything else you want to use to decorate!  Use your imagination and pick out whatever you want.


Now we start to make it! Here are the steps:

IMG_64871.  Open up your book and write down your contact information on the inside-cover.  It’s really easy to lose something while your traveling.

2. On the next page you are going to write things like “My Destination: Where I’m Going”, “How Long Will It Take To Get There?” and “Who’s Coming”.  Later, you can fill in the blanks while your traveling, at the hotel or when you come home.  Remember, it’s your book so you can personalize your questions.

3. Skip a page to give yourself room.  Plus, if your pages are thin like mine, you’ll want to make sure you don’t see through.  After that, write “What I Packed” on the top of the page.  Leave the rest blank; it’s better to leave space.

4. Next, make a “To Do List” and write down your top five things you MUST do.

5. Next is the easy part: how long is your trip?  7 days? 14 days?  Leave two pages blank for each day and every new day write the date or “number” of the day.

6. After that, you’re going to make a page (or more) called “You’re Here!” where you are going to talk about your hotel.  Make up the fill-in-the-blank questions yourself.

7. Next, leave one or two pages blank to write down “On Vacation I Want to…” kind of another To Do List but without the top five limit.

8. Next is one of my personal favorites…”Places I Ate!”.        Here you write down all places you ate.  (Sort of self-explanatory)  Next you can write down things like “Best Meal”, IMG_6496etc.

9. Keep adding pages!  I made ones like: “My Favorite Place On This Vacation” and “The Last day”.  I also made a page called “Vacation Highlights” where I put things like “Best Day”, “Funniest Thing That Happened”, “Favorite Souvenir” and “Most Exciting Moment”.   (Another good page is “The Best Thing About This Trip”)

10. Next, leave room for autographs!  Remember, characters aren’t the only people who will sign your book.  When you’re in Epcot, instead of getting your Duffy bear signed (The one you color in…so cute!), get your travel journal signed!  You can ask waiters/waitresses and even people and cast members who trade pins with you to sign!  And remember to definitely leave room for photos.

11.  Make sure to use your pencil to write everything, and then outline it in pen or marker later.   It will be easier to fix mistakes that way.

So now comes the easy part… decorating!  The cover is a blank canvas and YOU can design it however YOU want.  So IMG_6504take your gel pens, markers stickers or photos and get busy!  Make a scene with stickers, a photo collage…anything!  If you have any left over stickers decorate the inside or back of the book.  And there you have it…your own Disney travel journal!

I hope you make a journal of your own for your next vacation.  You can give these as gifts, too!  I’m sure a parent, grandparent, child, friend or fellow Disney geek would love it!  Thanks for listening.

Love, Ruby xo

Ruby is an eleven year old Disney fan, and she credits her mom with starting her early love of Disney.  In addition to her enthusiasm for Disney, Ruby enjoys singing and writing.  She will be reviewing Disney-related topics that are of interest to younger Disney fans—and their parents and grandparents!