Practically Perfect Disney Crafting: A Haunted Mansion Themed Disney Trip Coin Jar

PPDC Another Disney Trip Coin Jar 1Hi Everyone! Come on, admit it : ) We’ve all created one or two of these over the years…The Disney Trip Coin Jar. People sometimes ask me how I find the money to head down to Walt Disney World as often as I do. It takes careful budgeting (which I plan to cover in a future post) and amazing deals. But honestly, I like the idea of a grown-up Piggy Bank to stash away spare bills or change that one will use toward their next trip. It doesn’t matter if you save $5.00 for a Venti at the Fountain View or enough to stay a few nights at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge. It’s fun to have a little reminder of the possibility of your next trip sitting on your desk.

Wanna make an easy Disney Trip Jar with me? Grab your kids to help and let’s get started, together!

You’ll Need:

  • An old coffee tin (lid optional)
  • A piece of decorative, flocked scrapbook paper (I chose a piece that looks like wallpaper)
  • Use of a color printer
  • White Card Stock
  • Links to Haunted Mansion Themed Images (I chose The Hitchhiking Ghosts courtesy of the Disney Parks Blog and Madame Leota courtesy of Spoonful)
  • Haunted Mouse font found at dafont (or Ravenscroft font, if you happen to have it loaded)
  • Scissors
  • Dimensional foam adhesive
  • Glue Lines or similar adhesive

PPDC Another Disney Trip Coin Jar 2Instructions:

I love The Haunted Mansion, but if you have another theme you love, just use my tips as a guide to create it your way. If you would like, download Haunted Mouse font to your word processing software, but please keep in mind you will be subject to that site’s policies in doing so. Then, begin laying out the sign for your tin. You can use Word or PowerPoint. I wrote “Another Disney Trip? Hurry Baack, Hurry Baack…There’s Always Room For One More.” Have fun with your saying, or just fill the space with images or stickers or even your own drawings. Then, print out in color or white card stock. Next, trim both this printed image and your decorative scrapbook paper, layer and affix together as you see in my photos. But make sure the scrapbook paper is the same size as the coffee tin in order to completely wrap around it.

Print off the Hitchhiking Ghosts and Madame Leota graphics in color on white card stock, cut and affix on to your page using dimensional foam stickers. These Hitchhiking Ghosts have heads that when cut, look 3-D, so I employed that on this craft as you see in the photos. I also made Madame Leota appear to “float” over the page by using a simple “pop-up” technique~a scrap piece of card stock folded in thirds, with fold 1 affixed on the back of Leota and fold 3 onto the page itself.

Then wrap your decorative scrapbook paper around your coffee tin to make sure it fits. Trim where necessary. Then affix using as much adhesive as you feel necessary for a secure bond. Note, the Madame Leota should “float” above the top of the jar.

Place on your desk or counter and fill it with some spare coins or bills.

Enjoy planning your next Disney Vacation!

Fran’s Tips:

~You can use this idea for other Disney themed coin jars. When you are finished using them to save money, think about adding Disney goodies from your trip that will not fit into a scrapbook

~Periodically, dafont removes their fonts, but then returns them after a time. So, do download them as you see them offered.

~If you do decide to download from a link you find, follow that site’s instructions. As always and where applicable, read through all the terms of use, third party policies and do not feel pressure to download anything you are unsure of.

Fran Cassano invites us capture our own memories through Practically Perfect Disney Crafting…Break out the tools that have been gathering dust. And let’s figure out how, together!