Practically Perfect Disney Crafting: Haunted Mansion Wallpaper Iron-On

PPDC Haunted Mansion Wallpaper Iron OnWelcome, Foolish Mortals! With Halloween right around the corner, I’m glad you stopped by for Trick or Treat! So, here is some blog “candy”: I crafted this Haunted Mansion Wallpaper Iron-On image just for you! Feel free to use it on a canvas bag (for Trick or Treating), a T-shirt, or any fabric you choose.

Just please remember that by downloading this image and file, you agree to terms for personal use only.

Ready? Let’s download and iron-on, together!

Click to download:

Fran’s Haunted Mansion Wallpaper Iron-On PDF (© 2013 PPDC)

Basic Steps for Creating an Iron-On:

Please make sure to follow ALL the directions that come with the transfer paper of your choice. Any brand carried at your local craft or fabric store will work. Select opaque transfer paper for white fabric and color transfer paper for colored fabric. However, white or canvas fabrics might work better for this project.

The below are just supplemental instructions.

1. Load your ink jet printer with iron-on transfer paper.

2. Click ”Print“ to print the Haunted Mansion image on the transfer paper. Note that the image will be printed in reverse.

3. Then cut out around the Haunted Mansion image, inside the margin and put aside.

4. Next, heat your iron and re-read the directions for the transfer paper.

5. Place the Haunted Mansion image, design side down, on your cloth Trick or Treat bag, a t-shirt, or any other fabric that will take the transfer paper.

6. Iron on per your transfer paper directions. Remember to use caution as irons get super hot.

7. Peel back the backing paper and allow to cool.

Follow ALL other transfer paper directions for washing and wearing.


Enjoy Trick or Treating, and “Hurry Back, Hurry Back” for more!


This original iron-on image was created by Fran Cassano using Ravenscroft font, Microsoft PowerPoint, Paint and CutePDF. File is housed on Google Drive.

Iron-on directions are loosely based on original tried and true iron-on directions found at Disney Movie Rewards.


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