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Songs That Make You Want To Sing Like A Villain

Think about it:  we all have a little bit of evil in us. Whether you hide it often or just let it show all the time, we all have it. (Don’t believe me? Have you ever popped the last piece of chocolate in your mouth just as you child entered the room or told your boss that you couldn’t work because you’re sick? Gotcha!) Around this time of year, the villains come out to terrorize everyone in the Disney Parks: reminding us all of the evil side of the Disney characters and within each of us. We commonly forget that behind these tough exteriors, Disney villains are very theatrical and sing. Many Disney villains have a song that they sing that either explains their motives, their plans, or their reasoningvillain2 for something. I listed my favorite Disney Villains songs. Let’s see if any of YOUR favorites made it to the list.


1. Poor Unfortunate Souls
“And do I help them…yes I do!”

This song ranked as number one on the list because of the pure attitude executed in this song. It really shows how Ursula is and what her personality is really like. She belts in the tune, which means that she goes out of her vocal range, whether lower or higher. In this case, she seems to belt lower when she says the “yes indeed”s and “yes I do”s. She tells Ariel why she should give her voice to her in this theatrical way, which I find awesome. Imagine someone asking you how you were going to get a Fastpass for Soarin’ in the morning and you respond with a song! Grabbing a Fastpass for Soarin’ and taking the souls of people are on the same level, right?

2. Mother Knows Best
“Skip the drama, stay with Mama. Mother knows best!”

One of Disney’s newest villains has my natural hairstyle, so I already connect with her.  I also connect with Mother Gothel because I can sing her theme song well. She is telling Rapunzel why the outside world is a bad place to be and that she should stay with her mother. Of course, Mother Gothel left out the minor detail about kidnapping her to stay young. Plus, the moral of the tune is true – Mother Knows Best (hi Mom)!

3. Be Prepared
“Even you can’t be caught unaware.”

I like this one because Scar turns three hyenas into his minions in one song.  I wish I had the power to do that! While he is telling them how stupid they are, he is also letting them know that everyone else in the kingdom better watch out, because Scar wants to be the king and nothing is going to stop him. Another cool thing about this song is that you can apply it to everyday situations. Going to school to take a test? Going to a job interview? Going to play in a sports game? Everyone better “Be Prepared” because YOU are coming through!

4. Savages
“How loud are the drums of war?”

What I love about this tune is how realistic it is. The Indians and colonists are calling each other savages and demons, which was true. Each one thought that they were the better man. This is also the point in the movie where Pocahontas realized that she was right all along, and had to stop her tribe before they killed her love, John Smith. The only thing is that I am pretty sure the men weren’t singing before they went into battle. That, however, would make learning about it in history SO much more interesting!

5. Gaston
“My, what a guy, Gaston!”

Imagine having a song all about how awesome you are. I wish I had one. Even though I don’t have my own, I know a certain guy who does. Gaston! What I find unique about this melody is that you can totally mess up the lyrics and no one would know. All the verses besides the chorus almost follow the same pattern, with little changes here and there. “No one ____ like Gaston, no one ____ like Gaston, no one’s _____  _____  _____ _____ like Gaston’s!” For example, “No one fights like Gaston, douses fights like Gaston, in a wrestling match nobody bites like Gaston!” Did I make that lyrics up or is it in the song? The world may never know.

6. I Wanna be Like You
“An ape like me can learn to be human, too.”

Bet you didn’t expect this one to be on the list! If you think about it, King Louie and his fellow ape could be considered a villain. After all, he kidnapped Mowgli! He may not have meant it in a harmful way, but a horrible deed is a horrible deed. Anyway, this tune explains the motives of King Louie: all he wants is to be a human! Unfortunately, this isn’t possible, so King Louie just wants to be like them as much as possible. And it’s written by the Sherman Brothers, which just makes it even better!


I don’t want to mention EVERY SINGLE villain song and call them one of my favorites because then it truly wouldn’t be my favorites. So I will end my list right here. I had a lot of fun listening to my favorite songs over and over again and it got me in the Halloween spirit.

Did I not mention YOUR favorite villain song or do you agree with my rankings? Let me know in the comments below!


See ya REAL soon!

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