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ENCORE BLOG: Show off YOUR Disney Side with Minnie Mouse-Themed Ribbon Sandals

Editor’s Note: It’s never too soon to start planning for the warmer weather and showing off your DISNEY SIDE in the parks–or at home! Last summer, our crafting guru, Fran Cassano, published this amazing and simple plan for making your own Disney-inspired sandals in her recurring column, Practically Perfect Disney Crafting.

Do you enjoy Disney crafting?  Tell us about YOUR favorite Disney craft from 2013 in the comments below, and you could win a 2014 WDW Radio Mystery Ticket!!! 


Hi Everyone! We are well into Disney Parks’ Monstrous Summer and several of us are headed off to Walt Disney World, Disneyland, the upcoming D23 Expo and those lucky PPDC Minnie Mouse Themed Ribbon Sandals 1enough to be taking a certain trip to Aulani. So, to celebrate, I’ve come up with my version of Minnie Mouse -Themed Ribbon Sandals.

You can’t be even a beginning crafter and not run across Pinterest. Over there, you can find a ton of ways one can dress up sandals and flip flops. And as adorable or as glamorous and Pin-able as they are, many of them can be high on the difficulty factor. That’s why I used sort of a rudimentary base to create these. They are so easy, you won’t believe it.

The ribbon’s pattern is what makes these sandals. I chose Minnie Mouse as my theme, but there are so many Disney ribbons and flip flop colors out there, the possibilities are endless.

These sandals can be fun for moms and daughters, aunts and nieces, and sisters to match one another while exploring the Parks, hanging out by the pool or beach…even strolling along on the D23 Expo floor. And you all know I also love touches of Disney without always being obvious.

So, grab those flips and ribbons and let’s get started together!

You’ll need:

  • A new pair of rubber/plastic flip flops (like Old Navy brand, I’m using black flips)
  • A 10 yard spool of ribbon (I’m using a red ribbon with white polka dots to symbolize Minnie Mouse)
  • Scissors dedicated to cutting fabric
  • A bamboo skewer
  • Hot glue gun and hot glue sticks


Cut away the rubber/plastic tops from the flip flops and remove the ends from the bottom. Cut a generous length of ribbon four (4) times per sandal, so a total of eight (8) pieces. These need to fit up your ankle and up the top of your foot, folded over, as in the accompanying photos. The length of these are going to vary depending on how long your flip flop sole is, and how long your foot and ankle are.

PPDC Minnie Mouse Themed Ribbon Sandals 2Next fold over three (3) of the four (4) pieces and push through the holes of the flip flop sole. The loop side needs to be on top and the cut ends need to be at the bottom. Use the flat end of the bamboo skewer to guide the looped ribbon through the holes, being careful not to puncture the fabric. Leave a generous amount of the cut ends hanging out of the holes. You are going to need this to guesstimate where your knots are going to be tied.

Now, take the remaining piece of ribbon and thread it through the three (3) loops and carefully guide your foot into the sandal. Wrap the length of fabric around your ankle and tie it securely. Next, fit the loops to the shape of your foot and pull your loops taut through the hole. Loosely tie your knots on each of the three loops as shown in the photo.

Walk around your room in these for a moment to make sure that you have a secure shoe, keeping in mind the amount of walking you are going to do and what the ground will be like. Once fitted, pull the knot tightly and trim off the excess ribbon fabric, but leave some of the ends so that the knot remains secure. Remove sandals from your foot and turn over.

Take your hot glue gun and glue around the knots inside of the flip flop sole holes, making sure that none of the glue seeps through PPDC Minnie Mouse Themed Ribbon Sandals 3to the top. Make sure you saturate the knots in glue to ensure a secure hold. This also slightly aids in the wear factor. Allow to dry thoroughly.

Flip your sandals back over and place on feet. Tie the top ribbon around your ankle and secure with a knot you can undo. Feel free to singe the ends of that ribbon to keep the edges from fraying. And that’s it!

If you get lost in the instructions at any time, just look at the photos. It reads like there are more steps than there actually are.

These are homemade shoes, so please use caution when wearing. Since you swapped out the tops to these sandals, their longevity and wear ability will vary.

You’re gonna “flip” for these sandals! Enjoy!

(To the Gents out there, I am working on ways to not leave you out).

Craft Time: Up to 1 hour

Fran’s Tips:

~ I stock up on flips by making use of Old Navy’s $1 Flip Flop sales, as well as using their Snap Appy app to score free ones. Occasionally, even Target gets in the game offering store coupons for their flip flips and sandals. These options are often even cheaper than buying them at Michaels or AC Moore.PPDC Minnie Mouse Themed Ribbon Sandals 4