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CREATE Your DisneySide with Pic Collage!

by Laura Dale

Recently, I had the pleasure of attending WDW Radio’s DisneySide @Home Celebration hosted at A Stroke of Creativity in Monroe Township, New Jersey.  Our “homework” prior to attending the event was to bring something Disney-related that we had crafted for the ice breaker.  To be completely honest, I went into panic mode knowing my sincere lack of artistic talent.  As I went through old Disney vacation photos trying to get some ideas, it hit me!  I could create a virtual collage of all my favorite things about Disney World!

A few weeks earlier, I had stumbled upon an app called Pic Collage where you can create collages with cell phone photos, web images, and a selection of cool texts and stickers.  It has a “School Setting” that allows parents to disable certain web images in the Settings area of their cell phone to give their little ones an opportunity to create their own collages.

Once you create the collage it can be shared on multiple social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, Tumbler and Instagram.  It allows you to save your collage as a jpg file to your cell phone so you can text or e-mail it to friends.  One of its coolest features is it can be made into a postcard.  They turn your collage into a 4×6 postcard that can be printed and shipped anywhere!  I am planning on using it to create my 2014 Christmas card!

The app is super easy to use and intuitive.  I loved it so much that I created several for friends as part of an inspirational dream board project.  Being a professional photographer, I have used it to create a collage project that I incorporated into a slideshow set to music using another app called PicSlide.

What I love most about this app is it allows me to create a variety of collages that inspire me as a Disney fan.  My family and I are hoping to move to the Sunshine State in the next few years so we created a DisneySide collage with all of our bucket list items we want to accomplish once we are Disney Annual Pass holders.  I am also putting together a collage with photos from my parent’s Disney vacations including photos from their honeymoon in Disney. We are planning on having it printed and framed as a special gift for their wedding anniversary!

Check out the WDW Radio Pic Collage I created here!

WDWRadio Pic Collage

There really is so much you can do with this fun app to show your DisneySide!  Happy collaging!

Laura has been a Disney fan since her 1st trip to Disneyland at 7 years old but it wasn’t until she met her Florida native husband and his passion for Disney World that she became immersed into all things Disney.  She is “DisRunMomLaura” in The Box and loves running Disney races. She and her family’s dream is to one day move back to her husband’s home state of FL to be closer to the House of Mouse and to her WDW Radio friends and family!  As Walt says, “If You Can Dream It, You Can It Do It!”

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