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Disney Games At Your Baby Shower

baby wI was VERY excited this past week when good friend and fellow blogger, AJ Wiseman, announced her pregnancy from Walt Disney World. (Where else would you expect an UBER-Disney fan to share great news?) I immediately asked my mother if we could make the 690 mile, 11 hour journey to her baby shower. Mom said, “Ummm….no”, but the question did get me thinking about what people do at baby showers. Thankfully, since I’m only 15, none of my friends has had the need for this type of party (nor will they for at least 10 years) so I did a little research. Games at a baby shower? Who knew? Guess the size of the soon-to-be-mom’s belly, not thinking that’s a very good idea. Well, there were obviously some cool games to play but I wondered if there was any way to bring Disney into the shower games. Isn’t that what a Disney mom would want? I found some really great game ideas that, with a little planning, could be made into perfect games for a “Disney baby shower”. Let’s play.


Name Tag Donation Game

What you need:  Name tags for each guest

How to play: Before the shower, fill out name tags with Disney related words (monorail, Fantasmic, honey pot, animation). Give each guest a nametag to wear when they arrive. During the shower, people can only be called by the name on their name tag. If a guest calls someone by their proper first name, they must put money into a piggy bank for the baby’s first trip to Disney.


Name the Children From These Disney Families

What you need: Paper and pen for each guest

How to play: See how many of the guests can guess the answers to these Disney family questions:

1. Name Mrs. Jumbo’s only son.

2. Who are Mrs. Davis’ two children in Toy Story?

3. Can you name the three Darling children from Peter Pan?

4. Queen Elinor and King Fergus have four very strong willed children. Do you know who they are?

5. Although maybe not related by blood, these five “Goddesses of the arts and proclaimers of heroes” are surely a family. Name the muses. (It is true that I don’t know who the parents are but it was hard to come up with a family with five offspring.)

6. Everyone knows that the youngest daughter of King Triton and Queen Athena is Ariel. What are the names of their other six daughters?

7. Although she did not have children in the movie, Snow White treated these seven dwarves as if they were her own. Who are they?

The person who gets the most families right wins!


Baby Price Is Rightaj preg2

What you need:  Pre-purchase 12 Disney themed items that you think the expectant parents will need (like a Mickey Mouse washcloth, Pooh pajamas, Dumbo sippy cup, etc.). Use blank note cards to write the item name on one side and the price on the other.

How to play: Play it just like you would the TV show. After all, Drew Carey isn’t the only host of The Price Is Right (there used to be that Bob Barker guy). Each guest must guess the price of the items on the cards then give a total. The person with the highest total (without going over) wins.  The best news is that the soon-to-be parents are able to keep all the additional baby items used for the game!


Disney Baby Name Game

What you need:  A list of Disney parent names and a list of their children’s names. You should have one copy to give to each of your guests.

How to play: Have your guest match the parent names to the correct kids’ names. The person with the most correct matches wins!


Guess That Disney Baby

What you need: Pictures of Disney babies (children or adult children), lists of names, pen and paper

How to play: Show your guests pictures of Disney babies along with a list of possible Disney moms (to make it more difficult, make the list of possible moms longer than the number of pictures). See who can guess which Disney mother matches the picture of their offspring. (If you think it will be too difficult, you can always throw in Dumbo and Bambi for an eaj pregasy two points).

Since this is similar to the baby name game, you probably wouldn’t want to do both at the same shower.


Who Am I?

What you need: Stickers with a name of a Disney character written on it (you can use Disney moms, dads, children or siblings)

How to play: Place a sticker on the back of each guest. They must then ask other guests questions to decipher who they are (you may want to limit the number of questions they can ask to five or so). The person who guesses their character with the least number of questions wins.


1st Visit to Disney Word Unscramble

What you need: Pre-selected words/phrases that represent things associated with baby’s first visit to Disney (stroller, haircut, Mickey ears, nap, character photos) scrambled and printed on a piece of paper, pens

How to play: Guests race to unscramble these words/phrases. The first guest to complete the list correctly wins a prize.


These are just a few of the many traditional baby shower games that (with a little planning) can be modified for the Disney loving mom-to-be. Of course, there are a ton of other great games out there to add to your baby shower fun (how exciting would it be to play the “blindfolded diaper changing game”, decorate your own onesie, make a “my wish to baby list” or even add to the baby bucket list in order to share your ideas to make baby’s first year special). Rest assured that, no matter what games are played, you’re sure to have a wonderful time celebrating the expectant parents and baby-to-be. And, you could walk away with some pretty cool prizes.

(Photos from the personal collection of AJ Wiseman.)

Can you think of any baby shower (or any celebration) games that can be tweaked to satisfy the Disney lover in all of us? Can you answer the “Disney Families” game questions? Let me know in the comments below. 

Also, stay tuned for future blogs from AJ Wiseman about, you guessed it, being pregnant in the parks!


See Ya REAL soon!

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