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Pregnant in the Parks: Yay, I’m Pregnant…and Going to Disney World


Baby WBack in early February, my husband Brandon and I found out we were expecting our first baby in late September and were thrilled.  After the excitement died down, I remembered that we had a trip to Walt Disney World® in March.  Initially, I had lots of thoughts and questions that I needed to figure out before the trip, only some of which could I really find the answers for and others I learned quickly.


Could I Handle the Amount of Walking?

Both my husband and myself own a Fitzip which is a digital pedometer that sends your daily walking activity to your phone or computer, so I know that on average we walk about 10-12 miles each day we are in the parks.  Naturally being 12 weeks pregnant, you are not fully showing your bump, but you are feeling tired, sick, and (let’s just be honest) a little uncomfortable in your clothing.

We went into the trip knowing there might be days I wouldn’t feel like walking as much, in which case we made sure to change our touring pattern and visit rides close to each other instead of crossing the park all the time and also doing more attractions that involved sitting down.  I hadn’t ever been to the Impressions de France in Epcot®’s France Pavilion and found that it was a really good film and allowed you about 20 minutes of just sitting.


Would I be Sick?

This was really difficult to predict because, as most doctors and books will tell you, morning sickness can strike at any time during your pregnancy. I am so blessed to have had an easy pregnancy and haven’t been sick at all, but I know that there are also women who can’t look at, let alone walk by the turkey leg cart without gagging.

I will say this, I was having issues with eating normal size meals right before we left for our trip, and, had I still been having this issue, it would have been trying. For about a week, I could only eat a small amount of food in one sitting (of course 20 minutes later I would be starving), but if I ate too much I felt so sick and gross for the rest of the day. By the time we got to Disney, I was eating about 5 meals a day!


Pregnancy Cravings:

I can only say that Disney was the best place to be while having the strange cravings! If I wanted to have ice cream at 10am, it wasn’t an issue, and when I needed chips before bedtime, the food court was right there.


Ride Limitations:

Please do not take my word for what is safe and what you should ride. Everyone needs to check with their health professional and ask what they recommend.  My doctor suggested I not ride anything too jarring or bumpy, so here are some rides that I decided were not safe for me:

  • Space Mountain®
  • Splash Mountain®
  • Big Thunder Mountain Railroad®
  • Tomorrowland Speedway
  • Mission: SPACE®
  • Test Track® Presented by Chevrolet®
  • Rockin Roller Coaster® Starring Aerosmith
  • Twilight Zone Tower of Terror™
  • Expedition Everest – Legend of the Forbidden Mountain®
  • (I did ride Kilimanjaro Safaris®, but that might be considered by some as too bumpy)

While I did have to forgo lots of attractions, I still found that there was a ton of stuff to observe and do in the parks, so don’t be too worried that you will not have things to do.


Quick Tip: Know where the nearest bathroom is at all times, because you will need them in between attractions and more often than you think.  And make sure you are drinking more water than you think you need.  Stay away from the pop, and it will help you feel a little better and not as bloated while visiting the Kingdom.

That is it for this look into my trip as a pregnant Disney fan.  I do hope you have enjoyed it and that there are some people who might have their questions answered.  If you have any questions or some input into being pregnant while traveling to a Disney park, please post in the comments below.

My next post in this series will cover how to use your trip to announce or document special moments in your pregnancy!


(Image from the author’s personal collection.)


Alyssa Wiseman (also known as ajwiseman09 in the box) and her husband Brandon reside in central Indiana (too far from Disney) with their shih tzu London Bridget and Bulldog, Maggie Mae.  Alyssa and Brandon enjoy traveling to Disney several times a year to see what is new and enjoy classic Disney.  While traveling, and at home, Alyssa is frequently shopping for Disney products and making a list of items to buy while in the parks.  She also is the author of the shopDisney blog on WDW Radio.  Please follow Alyssa on twitter @ajwiseman09.