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Disney Girl: Disney Bounding!

Hello, today I will be talking about Disney Bounding! Disney Bounding is when a Disney character or attraction inspires your wardrobe. It can be something as simple as wearing a purple dress and a braid and calling yourself Rapunzel! Purchasing new clothes is optional, but using stuff you already have is the great part about it. It’s a very popular thing to do in the parks, but lots of people do it at home, too. So, I’m here today to share some of my family’s ideas on Disney Bounding!


Nerd Minnie 

It was really random how I came up with this choice. I was just getting ready for this post, wearing my minnie bow hair clip (which I got form a craft fair) and glasses (the 3D kind from the movie theater with the lenses popped out…LOL!) and I looked in the mirror. I was like, “I want to be a nerd!” and *boom* there came the idea! I love the Disney nerd merch at the parks. So, for this outfit I took a red t-shirt, black leggings, black flats, a nerd robot ring, glasses, my Minnie clip and a yellow belt… now I’m Nerd Minnie!




This is my sister’s adorable take on Penny from The Rescuers! All she did was put on brown tights, a beige t-shirt and a denim dress over it. Then she put in pigtails and got out her Duffy bear. This is a simple and cute choice, great for kids. The other good thing about this outfit?…everything was already in her closet!



Mickey Mouse

My awesome Dad volunteered to help to, and he picked Mickey! He put on his red pants and a black button up shirt. For shoes he wore his slippers to represent Mickey’s big shoes. For a finishing touch he wore his black hat (representing ears) and a yellow bow tie! Mickey is a great character to bound as because people can tell who you’re trying to be, but it’s very simple and still looks like regular clothes. Everything in this outfit my Dad already had.




Here is my sister’s take on Daisy Duck! My sister got a purple t-shirt, yellow pants, a white skirt and a purple bow to put in her high-ponytail. For shoes she wore black flats. It was very simple but cute.




This is probably my favorite! I love Baymax so much. I took a white tank top, a white sweater, white pants and my Baymax beanie which I love to the moon and back! I also reused my robot ring, which I also love so much (I got it at the Museum of Natural History <3).

With Baymax, and any character really, there are so many Disney Bounding possiblities and styles to go with! For example, I’ve seen people wear a white dress and big black sunglasses for a summer-y look or you could go in the direction I went in, which is a more causal/fall style.





I love this look… it’s Boo from Monsters Inc. ! She wore a pink shirt and purple pants with hearts on it. If you don’t want to put pigtails in like Eve did, you can put in pink hair clips.

Other Tips

1. I love it when I go to the parks and see couples Disney Bounding together. Bounding is even more fun when you do it with someone else. Popular characters partners go as are Minnie & Mickey, Wendy & Peter, Rapunzel & Flynn, Carl & Ellie, and Aladdin & Jasmine. My personal favorite is WALL-E & EVE, it’s so cute!

2. I think sometimes people take Disney Bounding a little too much to the costume-y side. Most of the time, depending on the look, I prefer just to use color schemes and other elements to create my outfit. But everyone has a different take on it, that’s what makes it creative.

3. You can dress as any character you want, wether it’s a boy or a girl. My family and I are working on a Hiro Hamada look for my sister so we can go as Hiro & Baymax!

4. Somebody I know went Disney Bounding in all 4 parks in 1 day with her friends! They took pictures with the characters or in front of the attractions they were Bounding as. WDW Radio’s own blogger, Makena, went Bounding everyday for a whole month! I think these kind of challenges would be fun to do… Especially for people who go to the parks a lot, it could be fun to switch things up!

5. Lizzie Tesch, from the blog Everyday Disney, Disney Bounded for every new episode of Once Upon A Time last season! Using Disney TV shows as an inspiration is great, too.

6. People like to Disney Bound on Dapper Day, making their outfits more fancy. I think that it would be cool to try!

I’d also like to say thanks to my Mom for helping with every single outfit. She basically did 99.9% of everything!

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That’s all for today folks! As you can tell I was happy to talk about my outfits, I used a lot of exclamation points today… haha! Disney Bounding gets you really excited and brings some Disney magic into your ordinary day. It’s great to do for movie premieres, at school and even when you’re just with your friends. You could even have a Disney Bounding party!

For more inspiration check out the official Disney Bound website (Search ANY character and it’s sure to come up)!

(Photos from the author’s personal collection.)

Tell me what you’ve Disney Bounded as in the comments below! Any other ideas, thoughts orquestions? Tell me them there too, I’d love to hear from you!

Thanks for listening and have a magical day!- Ruby 8:)

Ruby is a thirteen year old Disney fan, and she credits her mom with starting her early love of Disney. In addition to her enthusiasm for Disney, Ruby enjoys singing and writing. She will be reviewing Disney-related topics that are of interest to younger Disney fans—and their parents and grandparents!