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Don’t Forget to Look Down for Hidden Mickeys


Everyone knows about Hidden Mickeys.  You can find them all around the Walt Disney World Resort–those very subtle silhouettes of Mickey Mouse that can be discovered in attractions, the resorts, restaurants, and other very sneaky places.  You look up, you look left, you look right, and you look all around.  But have you ever looked down?


Each year, thousands of people walk over Walt Disney World survey markers without noticing them.  Survey markers are round disks, usually about three inches in diameter, placed in locations by surveyors to mark key survey points on the Earth’s surface.  In Walt Disney World, the survey markers are unique disks with–an impression of Mickey Mouse.  They can be found in all four theme parks, at the resorts, at Downtown Disney, in parking lots and on roads throughout the Walt Disney World Resort. There are several websites that list Walt Disney World survey markers found by guests, with hints how to find them.  But, if you’re into Hidden Mickeys, the best and the most fun way to find them is to keep your eyes open and don’t forget to look down!


Have you ever found a survey marker? If you want to know the locations of the Mickeys pictured, check out the locations listed in the comments section.


MK-Ariel MK-StationWest EpcotOdysseyCenter HSDisney&Co HSGoldenAgeSouveniers-001 MK-StationEast


(All photos from the authors’ personal collection.)

LookingforMagicLooking for Magic is Kathy @ Two Roads Photo  and Sean @ Shamrock Photo.  Kathy is a librarian, walker of many miles, and Paper Bag Princess, who dreams of having coffee with Belle at the castle and co-administering a fantasy book discussion group.  Sean is a fire fighter, pilot, and closet superhero, who would like to join the pack with Tigger to use his bouncy and fun powers to make people smile.

Kathy can be contacted at imtxag85@aol.com Sean can be contacted at spoc65@aol.com