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Which piece of Walt Disney World would you like to take home?

The WDW Radio Blog Team was recently posed an interesting question.  “If you could take home any piece of Walt Disney World (prop, fixture, snack cart, furniture item, sign, etc.), which would you choose?  Here is what a few of our writers had to say:


Partners - AlyssaTrying to think of one piece of Walt Disney World that I would bring home with me is such a very difficult question! Quite possibly the piece that makes me feel like I am finally “home” is the Partners statue in front of Cinderella Castle at Walt Disney World. I love that it shows the person who created the entire Disney company as well as his fun-side by adding Mickey Mouse! I always take a picture of the statue, even though I have hundreds at home on my computer and phone, it’s just something that can change because of the lighting, weather, or even time of day. I also much prefer the statue at Walt Disney World over the one at Disneyland because of the update they have done in making certain parts of the statue a different color of bronze than the overall piece. I think that the statue also is a wonderful memorial to have at the end of Main Street, U.S.A. because it gives parents the opportunity to tell their kids who it represents and that “Disney” is not just the name of a company, but the name of a great man who dreamed far beyond his years.

-Alyssa Wiseman


If I could bring home any Disney artifact, it would be from inside Splash Mountain. I believe there is a sign in the attraction at some point that reads, “This way to the Laughing Place.” During the 24-hour event, my travel party rode Splash Mountain at 3 a.m., around the time my friends were having a psychotic breakdown. Everything happening inside the ride was extremely funny to them in their delirious sleep deprivation. I’ll never be able to ride it again without thinking of it as their 3 a.m. Laughing Place.

-Blake Taylor


I would love to bring something home from The Carousel of Progress. I’m not sure what exactly, but it would be either a holiday decoration or something from the kitchen.



To say that Splash Mountain is my family’s favorite attraction be an understatement!  It was always our first “Hello” after rope drop and our last “Goodbye” after a fun filled day.  We would also squeeze in several rides during the day whenever time allowed.  On these numerous visits, many times the unload area would be backlogged (pun intended).  While waiting beside Br’er Rabbit’s home, we would laugh over the drenching we had received while singing along with Mr. Bluebird’s whistle.  Because of the joyful memories associated with that show scene, I wish I could bring home the curlicue hurricane oil lamp that once sat beside Br’er Rabbit’s briar patch.  The lamp with twisty globe has been replaced by a standard straight one, but I would love to know what happened to the original.  While it would not go with my home’s decor in the least, I love that lamp and the memories made in the soft glow of its light.

-Kendall Foreman


Tea Cup - AndrewI wish I could have all of the master keys to my favorite Walt Disney World attractions.  Let me take you back to Saturday, October 3, 2015.  As you may remember from my posts, I need to be transferred from my wheelchair to get into the Mad Tea Party tea cups.  This requires opening a special door on one of the tea cups.  After I was all loaded in and ready to spin, the Cast Member accidently broke the key off in the little door!  Apparently, it is the same key that operates the Mad Tea Party control board for the attraction.  Fortunately, my Dad was able to pull out the little broken stem of the key so that a new key could be inserted.  The Fantasyland team manager was called who came over quickly, and then, she called maintenance.  It seems that only one person had access to the master keys, and he was on break!  So, my Dad unloaded me from the tea cup and we were given a FastPass for another attraction since this process had taken so long.  We returned to the Mad Tea Party about two hours later and the same CM told us they had just started the attraction back up a short while ago.  He showed us the new key, which he said felt much stiffer than the one that had broken off earlier.  We were all vying for the coveted broken key, but the team manager kept it.  I felt bad for all of the people who were standing in line for so long and were told they would have to come back later.  My family did enjoy spinning in the Mad Tea Party that day several times in a row!

-Andrew Prince

(Partners photo from Alyssa Wiseman’s personal collection.  Tea Cup photo from Andrew Prince’s personal collection.)

Readers, which piece of WDW would you like to take home?  Let us know in the comments section, on the WDW Radio Facebook page, or use #mypieceofWDW on Twitter!