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Via Napoli and the Vera Pizza Napoletana

Via NapoliOn May 23, Lou Mongello reported LIVE from Via Napoli Ristorante Pizzeria in Epcot’s World Showcase, to share in the serving of their one millionth pizza.  Although Looking for Magic wishes they could have been with Lou for the culinary celebration, we will unabashedly admit that we have tasted our fair share of Carciofi and Piccante pizzas at the ristorante to generously assist with the one millionth tally.

When Via Napoli opened its doors in 2010, we immediately made reservations. As New York and Chicago pizza connoisseurs, we’re always searching for a good slice of tasty “pie.” But, what we found at Via Napoli was something close to pizza heaven.  So much so, that we asked to speak with the manager—and received an interesting culinary lesson.

The next time you visit Via Napoli Ristorante Pizzeria, stand inside the front door, face out, and look to your left to find a large red and white certificate that is hanging on the wall.  That is an official  VPN, or Vera Pizza Napoletana certification designated to restaurants that respect the tradition of  authentic Neopolitan pizza making.  There are about 90 pizzerias in the United States that can boast having the VPN certification, with the bulk of the approximate 500 total certifications hanging on walls in Italy.  In Florida there is only one VPN certified pizzeria—and that honor goes to Via Napoli.

What makes Via Napoli‘s pizza taste so good?  Some say it’s the water.  Some say it’s the crust.  Some say it’s in the cooking. When it comes to pizza, taste preference is regional and a personal choice.  But don’t take our word for it!  Gather your family and friends, reserve the large family table in the center of Via Napoli, and share pizza and conversation the Italian way.  Mangia bene!

More information about the VPN certification can be found on the VPN Americas website.  Additionally, you might enjoy a 2014 Wall Street Journal article about a Phoenix restaurant owner who spent “serious dough” to achieve his VPN certification.

(Photo from the author’s personal collection.)

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