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The Definitive Indisputable Character Christmas Wish List

Christmas and the holiday season at large is a time of giving. I am giving the Walt Disney Company a wish list of characters that if they were to be brought back (or brought at all to the parks) could generate up to a trillion* dollars in revenue, each character handpicked by me of course.

Roger Rabbit

rogerrabbitThe discarding of Roger Rabbit as a viable franchise for Disney is up there with Tron 3’s cancellation as decisions the company has made that I don’t agree with. There may be no way to make Roger Rabbit 2 at this point, but meeting him in the park would be a good band-aid.




While I would hardly call Bolt the best Disney animated movie, I certainly believe it’s value is underrated. Bonus points if they get John Travolta to wear the costume.



Thumper makes my top 5 character list easily. He is a rabbit, and he is cute. Honestly, that’s all the qualifications a good character needs. I believe you can sometimes meet him in Disney’s Animal Kingdom, but he deserves a far more permanent spot. Take a lesson from Disneyland Paris and give him his own season. Bring out Ms. Bunny while they are at it too.


Anyone who is familiar with the 1990s (which according to the internet, was the best time to grow up.) remembers Max. Goofy’s son one of very few teenage Disney cartoon characters and the only one who has aged over time. Seriously, he has gone through middle school, high school, and college!


Max Rebo


Do your remember the blue elephant guy in Star Wars Return of the Jedi? I do, and I want to see more of him. Other than a Vinylmation he isn’t featured much in any of the Disney Parks. With current plans for a new Star Wars movie every year, I don’t see why he won’t have his own film at some point. Since he is elephant-y you can put him in Disney’s Animal Kingdom. Avatarland is proof that they will consider putting almost anything there.


(*rough estimate)


If you thought I forgot any characters, you thought wrong as this list was indisputable!  You can still let me know in the comments, though.

(Images ©Disney)


Zack Kaplan may be situated far away from a Disney Park, but even in the Disney-less Massachusetts his passion burns strong. You can talk to him about Disney, video games, or philosophy over on Twitter @SteelDiver