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The Fantasy Four of Magic Madness – Vote Here!

Magic Madness Fantasy Four Audio-Animatronic edition

Your votes have narrowed the Enchanted Eight to the Fantasy Four!  With eight world-famous Walt Disney World animatronics, the choices were perhaps the hardest yet.  It has come down to an Epcot legend and three audio-animatronics that, at the time of their debut, were the most advanced ever created.

It’s loveable, fan-favorite Figment versus the interactive carnival barker, Mr. Potato Head (who defeated C-3PO by just two votes). On the other side of the bracket, it’s pirate versus pirate.  Classic versus modern.  Who will come out on top?

It is time to choose the two Walt Disney World favorites that will compete head-to-head in the Fantastic Finals!

Round 4 voting ended at [5:00] PM EST on Thursday, March 30th.

Also, if you would like to see the updated Walt Disney World Magic Madness bracket, click here.

Note: When casting your vote, you must click “vote” after each selection.


Voting for this round has ended.  Join us Friday, March 31st at [9:00] AM EST for the Fantastic Finals.


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