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Imagineering an Updated Roaming Dreamfinder and Figment in Epcot

Dreamfinder and Figment at Magic Journeys Destination D: Walt Disney World - Flickr Creative Commons Ricky Brigante

Have you ever wanted to meet a Dreamfinder face character and puppet Figment alongside the Dreamcatcher?  Well I would like to!  The original Journey into Imagination at Epcot incorporated Dreamfinder and Figment as a way to encourage people to use their imaginations.  Unfortunately, I never experienced this version of the attraction first hand, as I stated in my Christmas Wish list post.

My “one little spark” of inspiration, to quote the song, as a Blue-Sky Imagineer is to create an actual Dream Mobile that could move around Epcot in Future World West near the Imagination pavilion.  The Dream Mobile would be similar to the Muppet Mobile Lab in how it moves around by remote control.  Inside the Dream Mobile would be a face character of Dreamfinder with a puppet of Figment.  This character would be able to get out of the Dream Mobile to meet and interact with guests.  It would be even more fun if the Dream Mobile could fly in from backstage and make a grand entrance.  This could be done by using an Ultralight aircraft, similar to how the infamous New Fantasyland dragon worked. I hope, in one form or another, that this idea comes to fruition, and we can all enjoy meeting Dreamfinder and Figment again at Epcot.

While researching this idea I came across this image from the Disney Kingdoms Figment comic book, and I picture this Meet and Greet to be similar to this image in Epcot.


Did you know Lou Mongello was a part of a documentary with the original Dreamfinder Cast Member who portrayed him? Here is the full documentary Dreamfinders.

Lou also had an exclusive interview with Ron Schneider, the original Dreamfinder from Journey into Imagination at Epcot in Walt Disney World.  Ron Schneider was also on Show #34 of the WDW Radio podcast.



Photo credits: Flickr Creative Commons – Dreamfinder and Figment at Magic Journeys – Destination D: Walt Disney World, Ricky Brigante, license (cropped) / Dragon patent drawing – US Patent #US20100282896 A1 / Flickr Creative Commons – Ultralight, USFWSmidwest, license 


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