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More Forgotten Walt Disney World Video Games

Last April a blog post on forgotten Walt Disney World themed video games seemed to receive a good response, so like anything successful, it’s back with a sequel! This time I’m going to be covering even more interactive entertainment! Plug-in for some fun!

Adventures in the Magic Kingdom (1990: Nintendo Entertainment System)

I really don’t feel great calling this Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) game forgotten as many of you remember it (I read your comments on my last post!); however, it has never seen a re-release (via Virtual Console or Disney Afternoon Collection) which makes it a bit less accessible for kids and adults today.

A loose plot has the player searching for keys to unlock Cinderella Castle to start the parade. Of course, Goofy is the one responsible for losing the keys. (This makes me call Mickey’s judgment into question for trusting Goofy with something that important.) Players then embark on various levels based on popular attractions to collect the keys.

As a side note, the game’s music was composed by Yoko Shimomura. She is the composer for the Kingdom Hearts games, the popular and nonsensical Disney meets Final Fantasy series and the upcoming vaporware third entry.


The Haunted Mansion (2003: PlayStation 2, Nintendo GameCube)

The Haunted Mansion video gameIs The Haunted Mansion a take on Resident Evil or Luigi’s Mansion? I can’t say I’m sure, but it has no relation to the Eddie Murphy film of the same name. That makes it A-OK to me! The star of The Haunted Mansion is Zeke, I mean what fan of the attraction doesn’t remember him…?

While the game released to pretty middling reviews, the developer High Voltage Software has worked on multiple Disney games since. Most notably Disney’s Stitch: Experiment 626 and Toy Story Mania!


Ultimate Ride: Disney Coaster (2002: PC)

The Disney Edition of Ultimate Ride (2002) should not be confused with the 90s MS-DOS Disney Coaster game. Unfortunately, there really isn’t much out there on this game other than some YouTube videos. Something odd about the cover is that it features Walt Disney World‘s castle with Disneyland Paris’ Space Mountain.

At one point there was a website where you could share your coasters, but it went the way of Mr. Toad Wild’s Ride in Magic Kingdom. Developer Gigawatt Studios also made a few other licensed games including Secret Agent Barbie and Animorphs: Know the Secret.


(Game images ©Disney.)


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