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Countdown to Fun: Part 5 – Box #4

Week 5 came with a need to be more creative in how we managed the game.  Gibbs is getting more and more aware of when Saturday comes and how our plans might impact his visit from Mickey.  Since this weekend we had planned to move the last of my oldest daughter’s things into her new apartment, we had a 6-hour round trip that would consume most of the day.

When planning our weekend and packing the car, I slipped Box #4 and a clue into one of the bags.  We were meeting my daughter at her apartment, where she’d already been living for a few days.  I texted Jessa letting her know that I was going to take my time getting Gibbs out of the car and sent instructions of where to hide the box.  Lucky for me, my kids are used to my crazy, and she was willing to help.

Countdown to Fun Box #4

I told Gibbs that Mickey might come while we were gone, but he had to be patient.  We loaded the car with Jessa’s things (and her dog) and took off.  Upon arrival, I slipped the “secret bag” and the dog’s leash to Jessa.  A few minutes later, Gibbs entered the apartment.  It didn’t take him long to locate his clue.

Countdown to Fun scavanger hunt clue

I read it for him, and he raced off to find the box in Jessa’s bathtub.

Countdown to Fun Box #4 found

He ran back to the living room and dug into the goods.  He gets better at this part of the process every week, and he’s always enthusiastic to find anything that is inside.

Countdown to Fun Box #4 contents

As I’d hoped, the box was Epcot-themed.  On top was a set of cards with each country represented in World Showcase, one side telling us how to say “hello” and the other side how to say “goodbye” in their native languages.

Countdown to Fun World Showcase language cards

Underneath was an Epcot passport kit with stickers and a button for use in World Showcase when we tour Epcot.  I explained that we get to fill out the pages with stickers, and he can’t wait to get started!

Countdown to Fun World Showcase passport kit

As usual, we got to call in for a message from Mickey Mouse.  This time he invited us to tour Epcot and explore the countries of the world.  This continues to be a highlight for Gibbs – he feels so special hearing from one of his favorite characters.

Gibbs is learning so much from this process.  He is mentally tracking how many boxes we’ve opened, and how many we have left. He’s tracking the days of the week and how many days we have left until the next box.  He’s looking forward to our trip and finding out about delayed gratification.  He has a clear sense of what’s coming, and that makes him excited for our vacation.  It’s helping us connect as a family and we are enjoying the Disney magic.

Want to follow along on our trip to Walt Disney World?  Follow me at @amillertx on Instagram and look for the hashtag #MillerWDWMagic2017.  We will be there September 9-16, so if you spot us be sure to say hello!

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