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Cherished Disney Christmas Keepsakes

As Christmas approaches, families unpack decorations and heirlooms to adorn their evergreen trees, line their shelves and hang on their front doors.  Whether passed down for generations or held dear because they were handmade, families have stories for many of their holiday possessions. This is no less true for Disney fans.  How many of you have an ornament purchased at Walt Disney World, a special Christmas Jim Shore statue, or even a Mickey Mouse ornament made by your child when they were young?  Today, some of our WDW Radio Blog Team members are sharing the stories behind their most cherished Disney Christmas keepsakes, and we encourage you to share your stories and photos in the comments section and on the WDW Radio Facebook page!


Cherished Disney Keepsakes“The first time my wife and I took our children to Walt Disney World back in 2013, we knew that we wanted to start a tradition by choosing a souvenir. While we ultimately decided on an annual magnet, we also looked at possibly choosing an ornament for our Christmas tree.

We wound up purchasing an ornament that year, a glass ball with a Cinderella slipper inside. We would have liked to have it engraved with our name and the year, as would have been our tradition, but since we didn’t find it until toward the end of our trip, there was no time. Still, it’s a very beautiful ornament that always has a prominent place on our tree.” – Joshua Shusterman


Cherished Disney Keepsakes“My husband and I celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary this past August, and one of the most enjoyable things in our marriage has been making our own holiday traditions. Each holiday has its own unique Marino-Stough twist, including my personal favorite – Christmas!

Eric and I live in a cozy one bedroom apartment and since we have a few Disney collectibles (ok…every available space is filled with anything Disney related) we don’t have a ton of extra room. So instead of the traditional Christmas tree, we have a mini-tree. This tradition began during our first Christmas as a married couple when a week or so before the holiday a beautiful mini-tree decked out with sparkling colored lights and a ton of Disney ornaments appeared overnight!

We still use the same flocked (our as I call it – Frozen themed) mini Christmas tree, but we now decorate it together while watching Disney Christmas cartoons.” – Erin Stough


Cherished Disney Keepsakes Cinderella Castle

“Several years ago, my husband and I applied for a Disney Rewards Visa credit card from Chase, we immediately set out trying to earn rewards points that we planned to use on our next Walt Disney World vacation.  While we hoped we could rack up enough free cash to pay for a night stay at our resort, we fell just a little short…well, a lot short.  However, we determined to use the much smaller total to purchase something we would keep for years to come.  As we walked through Ye Olde Christmas Shoppe in Frontierland at Magic Kingdom, we both spotted the perfect item: a snow covered, light-up miniature Cinderella Castle.  Now years later, we look forward each year to unpacking the incredibly detailed, beautiful piece.” – Kendall Foreman


“When we got married, our first tree together had about 20 ornaments that were a nice mix of Sean’s Star Wars ornaments (which wasn’t Disney-owned at the time) and my country Christmas ornaments. However, 20 ornaments was not nearly enough to fill a tree, so every year since, we made it a point to purchase a Disney ornament or two (or three). Sometimes we get them from WDW (if we visit that year), sometimes we get them from the Disney Store or online (if we can’t get to a park that year). Sometimes we get dated ones, or ones with a photo we can put inside of it, but no matter what they are or we get them from, each has a special meaning. Now, our tree is brimming with not just our original ornaments, but all the new treasured ones that remind us each year just how many wonderful memories we’ve made and how much our love of each other, and of WDW grows each year.” – Felicia and Sean

Cherished Disney Keepsakes 2014 Ornament Disney Cruise Line Disney Keepsakes Figment Ornament Disney Keepsakes

“In my collection of treasured Christmas decorations is a special set of glass ornaments that I purchased at the Die Weihnachts Ecke store at Disney’s Epcot.  Created by Krebs Glas Lauscha of Germany, the eight figures are folk art representations of Snow White and the Seven Dwarves.

Well-known for their fairy tale ornament collections, Lauscha designs are hand painted and very fragile. Though I purchased the set at Walt Disney World, the Lauscha ornaments are fashioned after the characters in the original Grimms’ fairy tale.

The set is my favorite because it reminds me of one of my favorite fairy tales, one of my favorite Disney films, and the happiest place on Earth. And here’s the best part—I purchased them after Christmas and the ornament set was on sale!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!” – KSWicks

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