Rich’s Walt Disney World Confessions – A Top 10 List


Yeah.   I’m a Disney nerd.

I’m the guy at work EVERYBODY comes to as soon as little Timmy or Susie begs his or her parents to take the family to Disney World.

“Richie!  We need to talk!  Where should I stay?  What rides should I ride?!  Can I just walk in and have dinner at the Beauty and the Beast restaurant?   Is Space Mountain in Disney or Universal?”

If you’re like me, you know the drill.

But I have a secret.

Several actually.

There are a few really, really basic Disney World obligations I simply have not experienced, or — I’m going to catch heat for some of these — have little interest in partaking.
I might as well come out and confess my sins;  I know the penalty may be steep.  At stake?  My ears.

But. I. Must. Come. Clean.


#1. I have never eaten a turkey leg.   In fact, the idea of eating a roasted turkey leg in 1,000 degree heat — in July — is a tough sell.   Maybe if it were the holidays, I might think differently.  Which leads me to my next concession…

#2. I have never been to Walt Disney World for a major holiday.  I hear it’s great, but I have never quite had the brazen nerve to tell my family I’d be missing Christmas dinner for a trip to Orlando.  But one of these years…

#3. I have never been on “Soarin’.”   I apologize.

#4. I have never seen “Fantasmic!” Um.  I hear it’s pretty good.

#5. Yeah.  About those Dole Whips.  I’ve actually had one…and you can keep ’em!   Let me make this very clear: a Dole Whip does not hold a candle to a Citrus Swirl.   Period.

#6. I have never done a backstage tour.  I’ve always been scared that a look behind the scenes would ruin the magic…but I dunno — I may be approaching the right time for this.

#7. I have never seen the Hoop-Dee-Doo Musical Revue Or been to Fort Wilderness Campground, for that matter.   Bucket list, for sure.

#8.  I’ve never stepped foot in Blizzard Beach.  Is this even a thing?

#9. Those Mickey Ice Cream Bars?  Um, yeah.  Never had one.

And, finally, here’s a my BONUS Disney guilty pleasure.

#10. I have an unhealthy obsession with obscure, lower-budget, 1960’s – 70’s Disney live action films.  Candleshoe.  Blackbeard’s Ghost.  The Watcher In the Woods. The Cat from Outer Space.   Are you aware of these films?  You should be, because I fear these wonderful family films — although surely dated — are completely unbeknownst to the digital tastes of young audiences today.  They are treasures which define a specific era of Disney magic that deserves to live on!


But what if I told you that in 1988, I rode Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride while wearing a coonskin cap and sporting a Davy Crockett hunting rifle…would you let me off the hook?!


(Photo from the author’s personal collection.)


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