Our Walt Disney World Confessions Revealed!

Walt Disney World Confessions

Get ready, our WDW Radio Blog Team of writers will be sharing their deepest, darkest Walt Disney World secrets. Shocking omissions, unpopular opinions, secret loves and more await in our newest series:  Walt Disney World Confessions.  Join us starting Monday, January 8 for two weeks worth of previously undisclosed tales!  Also as the series progresses, return to this post for links to all of the confessions in this series.


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Posts in this Series

Erin’s Walt Disney World Confession: Always a Visitor, Never a Guest

KSWicks’ Walt Disney World Confession – The Relunctant Disney Character Fan

Kendall’s Walt Disney World Confession – A Cinderella Castle Cake

Vanessa’s Walt Disney World Confessions – A Mountain and A Peek Behind the Magic

Ruby’s Walt Disney World Confession – Beverly Ain’t So Bad!

Kristin’s Walt Disney World Confession: Things I have never done!

Andrew’s Walt Disney World Confession – An Unseen Nighttime Spectacle

Alyssa’s Walt Disney World Confessions – A few I love, a few I don’t, and something I wish would change

Chris’ Walt Disney World Confession – The Omission of a Classic

Rich’s Walt Disney World Confessions – A Top 10 List


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