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WDW Tip of The Week: Keeping Your MagicBand 2 Secure

On our recent trip to Walt Disney World my Dad and I had trouble keeping our MagicBand 2 on our wrists.  We are not sure why, as they are the same size as the original MagicBand, and we did not have trouble with those.  When I was getting the MagicBand secured to my wrist, we did have trouble latching the two pieces together because the band is long, but always made sure it was on properly.

My dad lost his first after transferring me into the Frozen Ever After attraction at Epcot, but we did not know that it fell off until we had left World Showcase for the night.  Once we discovered it was missing, we looked at our Disney PhotoPass on the My Disney Experience app to see where we were when I had it last.  Sure enough, the MagicBand 2 was still riding on Frozen Ever After but not afterWe then headed over to Guest Relations where they were able to deactivate the MagicBand, as it is connected to Disney’s payment system, acts as our room key and my dad’s Annual Pass. 

Disney MagicBand 2

The next day I lost my MagicBand on Seven Dwarf’s Mine Train.  Again, we were able to locate where it was lost based on photos in the My Disney Experience app, and we deactivated the lost MagicBand.  Both times we were able to get new MagicBand 2’s from our resort front desk in the same color as the ones we had lost.

I’m pretty sure the original MagicBand 2 popped off after getting caught on something and just fell off unnoticed.  So, what is my solution and tip for you?  Upon returning home from WDW, we looked into possible solutions to this problem, and it seems we are not the only ones who have found that the new MagicBands have an issue staying on wrists.

Solution #1: MagicKeepers

When the updated MagicBand 2 came out Disney also introduced MagicKeepers.   You can choose from a lanyard clip or a carabiner that holds the MagicBand 2 Icon (center piece of MagicBand 2).  Simply unscrew the icon with the included screwdriver, pop it into the key ring or carabiner, and secure with the screws.  This way you can wear the MagicBand 2 securely on your belt loop or hang it from a lanyard, necklace, etc.  These are available in shops throughout the Walt Disney World Resort and on ShopDisney.com.

MagicKeeper copyright disney

Solution #2: BitBelt

The BitBelt was made for the FitBit device, but works the same for the MagicBands.  In fact, the ads for it even refer to not losing your MagicBand! It’s simple to use and comes in various colors.  We ordered a set of 12 just to make sure we all have them for future trips

.BitBelt on a MagicBand 2 BitBelt Set of 12 BitBelts


Solution #3: Make the MagicBand 2 Smaller

The MagicBand 2 can be made into a smaller band by removing the inner band from the outer band.  The original size of the MagicBand 2 is 10-3/4” long with 17 holes for adjusting the band.  When the outer band is removed, which cannot be put back on, the band measures 8” long with only 8 holes for adjusting.  This option is great for smaller wrists and can be combined with the BitBelt option to make it even more secure.

Magic Band Instructions copyright Disney MagicBand 2 smaller size 

I hope these options can make your MagicBand 2 more secure on your wrist so your MagicBand will not be having fun in the parks without you!


(MagicKeepers photo and MagicBand 2 instructions © Disney.  All other photos are from authors personal collection.)


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